19th Century sculpture after the antique by Myron of Eleutherae (Greek 440-480 BC.The sculpture is known as  "The Discobolus of Myron". Myron was born in Eleutherae, a small town on the border between Attica and Bocotia, and lived most of his life in Athens. The 1st-century writer Pliny cites Myron as the first to achieve life like representation in art, but it would be more accurate to say that he was the first Greek sculptor to combine a mastery of movement with a gift for harmonious composition. Circa 1890 large and impressive  Italian bronze cast on a monumental circular rouge marble base. Superb hand chasing and finishing to the sculpture, quite possibly cast by either Nelli or Chiaruzzi.
Dimensions: Total height 28 &1//2 inches.
Barbedienne After the Antique Circa 1880 bust of Zeus. The bronze bust is signed on the reverse Barbedienne Fondeur with the Collas reduction seal. The Belgian marble base has an affixed bronze dedicated plaque to Leonard Bucheron 1880
Dimensions:Total height 10 inches, Height of bronze alone 8&1/2 inches
Dominique Alonzo (attributed)( French early 20th Century ) Student of Falguire and a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon. A large and rare bronze and ivory group depicting Pan and a Muse. Pan sit slasciviously gazing at a female Bacchanalian figure holding a bunch of grapes dancing in front of him, the base strewn with fruit and a basket.  Foundry registration number typical of Alonzo sculptures. Gold patination.
Dimensions: Total height 14 & 1/2 inches by 12 inches in width by 8 inches in depth.
Frederic Etienne Le Roux (French 1836 -1906) "Chef de cuisine" with his two kitchen assistants. An exceptionally rare  silvered bronze sculpture circa 1865.The scene: The Chef de Cuisine has grabbed one of the kitchen assistants by the ear after he was caught trying to abscond with a large trifle. The other kitchen assistant appears to find this extremely amusing, as he is about to put an end to a large goose with a knife that is biting the Chef de Cuisine's leg. Unbeknown to this amused youth he is about to cuffed on the back of the head by the open palm of the Chefs hand.
The bronze cast and finishing quality of this complex sculpture is second to none.  All animals; goose, chicken and rabbit are finely detailed and realistic. A sculptural main course on its own is placed on the small table behind the Chef with two large salmon and a melange of fresh produce and herbs. The truly superb realistic modeling and facial expressions are a delight, while the clothing textures right down to the stitchings are a tour de force. Finally even the plate that holds the trifle has an intricate design traced upon it's edges.
Frederic Etienne Le Roux was a pupil of Jouffroy, and regular exhibitor at the Salons from 1863. His other works include Demosthenes on the Shore, Joan of Arc, Marchand de Violettes and Bouquetiere. Le Roux was the sculptor for the monumental bronze group above the grave of Crespin du Gast at the Cimetière du Pèr e-Lachaise, Paris.

Dimensions:  Total height 8&3/4 inches by 10&3/4 inches in width by 10&1/2 inches in depth with 1 inch thick Belgian marble base

A rare and monumental American Circa 1900 Renaissance Revival fully working illuminated copper 3 tiered indoor fountain probably by JW Fiske, of New York . The top copper bowl has 34 bronze water  jets that rise above the fountain to a height of 6 inches and in the center of the top tier there is a light that shines through the central arc of the 34 jets.
The water then descends through 40 bronze pipes that are fitted around the underside of the top tier bowl .On the central fluted column below the bowl are also 3 short bronze pipes covered in leaves that also carry water, placed between the pipes are other bronze floral devices.
The water drops 17 inches to the second tier where  another 6 lights shine through the 40 descending jets of water. On the column between the first and second tiers there are also 3  metal cherubs holding lilies and cat tails. Perched on the second tier there are 6 metal swans and around the edge, there is a frieze of applied winged  armorial devices  and lozenges. Under the second tier are 46 bronze  streams of water that pour another 17 inches into the final 3 rd tier and again 6 larger lights shine upward through the water of that tier. The base is comprised of 2 copper hemispheres. The upper hemisphere has a frieze of larger lozenges and even larger bronze winged devices on the edge, while 6 applied bronze strap work belts containing similar winged devises circumvent the hemispheres.This form is exactly repeated on the lower hemisphere Six claw feet hold the fountain at the base, their design matching the winged devices but in a claw form. The fountain has been fully restored with long lasting energy efficient light diodes (13 bright lights in all).   The color of the water streams can be changed to amber, blue amd red by placing period stained glass discs over the lights. The fountain has been completely replumbed
Dimensions: Total height of Fountain 60 inches. Total width 27 inches

Holme Cardwell  (English 1815-1887) "Sabrina" A  tour de force bronze cast with superb hand finishing signed and dated 1865 "Fecit Roma" Holme Cardwell was born in Manchester England and attended London's Royal Academy Schools in 1834, at the age of 19 winning a silver medal in 1839. He moved to Paris in 1841 and studied under David d'Angers (1788-1856), exhibiting with distinction at the Académie Royale In 1850. He settled in Rome in 1858, sending works to England for exhibition at the Royal Academy . The marble version of this sculpture was first exhibited at the Royal Academy London 1855 inventory number 1225 Roma (notating that the artist lived abroad) and Titled "Sabrina" and was displayed with the accompanying poem by John Milton.  
Sabrina Fair,
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassie, cool, translucent wave,
In twisted braids of Lillies knitting
The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair,
Listen for dear honour's sake,
Goddess of the silver lake,
Listen and save.
Dimensions: Total height 25 inches by 16 inches in diameter.
(With accompanying wood pedestal made at a later date- 39 inches in height)
Jean Francois Theodore Gechter (French 1797-1844) A pair of rare bronzes circa 1850, allegorical figures in the classical manner. One figure is signed.(see other below)
Dimensions: Height of each bronze is 14 &1/2 inches

Jean Francois Theodore Gechter (French 1797-1844) A pair of rare bronzes circa 1850, allegorical figures in the classical manner. One figure is signed.(see other above)
Dimensions: Height of each bronze is 14 &1/2 inches

Eugène Antoine Aizelin ( French 1821-1902)"L'Enfance De Tacite", Monumental Bronze sculpture Inscribed F.BARBEDIENNE FONDEUR. The bronze is illustrated on page 43 of the 1886 Barbedienne catalogue and was sold at their Gallery, 30,Boulevard Poissonniere,
Paris. Barbedienne edited the sculpture in 5 sizes, this being the
largest and the rarest ,with an original price in 1886 of 2000FF. Provenance - from the collection of Frank "Lucky" Navin (1871-1935) . Owner of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team for 32 years
Dimensions: Height 41 inches by 27 inches in width by 14 inches in depth
Thiebaut Freres, French foundry 1827-1928.Pair of  bronze and Belgian double winged snake candle sticks,Circa 1880,stamped with Thiebaut Freres foundry seal,possibly made for their retail store at 32 Avenue de l'Opera.
Dimensions:Total height 7&3/4 inches

French late 19th century, Highly detailed and amusing bronze sculpture of Leonardo da Vinci at work on the Mona Lisa. Initialed VP .
Dimensions: Height 17&1/2 inches by 13&1/2 inches in width by 6 inches in depth
Emmanuel Fremiet (French 1824 - 1910) "Cachet au singe et serpent 1858" A good first cast of the Monkey and serpent seal , signed and with an owners insignia seal device of seven arrows.  Superb red brown patination
Dimensions: Height 4&1/8 inches
Eutrope Bouret, (French1833-1906)"Au Clair de la Lune" bronze signed and stamped "bronze"
Dimensions: Total height 11 inches, height of base 2 inches

Ruffino Ruff Besserdich (Austrian,1900's) "Worshiping the Sphinx", signed, bronze
Dimensions:11in high
John Graham Lough (English 1798-1876), "Shakespeare's Puck",signed, marble
Dimensions: 48in high

Bronze late 19th century Austrian Grand Tour Satyr on marble base.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 11 inches
After Giambologna (Italian 1529 -1608) "Fortuna", 19th century bronze (possibly Italian cast), unsigned, holding a cornucopia full of coins
Dimensions: Total height 35&1/2 inches
Hermann Eichberg (German, circa 1910) antique "Blind Justice", signed, finely detailed  bronze figure of blindfolded 'Justice' holding an ornate sword and scales, mounted on a dark brown/green columnar marble base.
Dimensions: Total height  11 & 1/2 inches.,
Note : Hermann Eichberg also made a smaller hood ornament  version of this sculpture in bronze that sold at Bonhams automobilia auction in Paris 2010 ( lacking scales) for $5,500