Amedeo Gennarelli (Italian Early 20th century) "The Carrier Pigeon" Silvered bronze sculpture on black Belgian marble base Circa 1920
Dimensions: Total height 33 &3/4 inches,.Height of bronze alone 22 &1/2 inches by 14 &3/4 inches in width
Amadeo Generelli (Italian, circa 1910) "Awakening" A terracotta signed Art Deco sculpture circa 1920
Dimensions: Length 19 inches by 10 inches in height

George Flamand (French circa 1890), A large and impressive Art Nouveau bronze gilded jardiniere with original lead liner) . Signed and titled "La Chene et le Roseau de la Fontaine" (The Oak,the Reed and the Fountain)
Dimensions: Height 8&!/2 inches by 14 inches in length by 6&1/2 inches in depth.

Giuseppe Joseph D'Aste (Italian/French 1881-1945) An extremely  rare 1920's silvered bronze lost wax group of Diana and the hounds. Signed J.D'Aste. Foundry seal for Susse Frères Paris.Also written on underside Premiere Eperve ( First cast ) Made In France. His early works from 1905-1915 were of Neapolitan children but while living in Paris later works captured the Art Deco movement of the 1920's.- similar to the "LaStele" group of artists and the works of early impressionist French sculptor  Joseph Bernard
Dimensions : Height 22 inches by 22 &1/4 inches in length.
Jules Levasseur (French 1831-1888) A signed and gilded bronze of a woman posing as a model on draped base.
Dimensions: Total Height 8 &3/4 inches.

Georg Grasegger,(11/28/1873 Partenkirchen ( Bavaria) - 08.06.1927 Cologne). "Beethoven - Maske" ( Mask of Beethoven) signed. Another example of this important life size circa 1920 signed bronze sculpture exists in The Beethoven -Haus Bonn Museum  (Exhibit number B891). A link is provided below to the sculptors biography. He studied at the Munich Academy in 1901 and later was the professor of sculpture and architectural sculpture at Decorative Arts Museum in Cologne. Amongst his most well known sculptures, the 1913 Carnival Fountain, Gülichplatz, Cologne - a fountain that includes courting couples being watched over by a plump Eros smoking a pipe and banging on a tambourine !  Another of his master works is the facade that includes sculptures of Athena and Aries at the Haus Unter Sachsenhausen -Köln. The Barmer Bank Corporation building in Wuppertal features iconic crusaders that remained untouched during the Allied bombings of 1943 while the surrounding area was decimated. He had exhibitions in 1896, 1899, 1901, 1911 at the Munich Glass Palace, Berlin, Cologne, and Mannheim. Grasegger's work in bronzes exists in many museums, including the cities of  Aachen, Cologne, Munster, Neuss and Nürnberg.

Adolfo Cipriani ( Italian circa 1880 ) A large Italian carved alabaster figure of an  orientalist bedlah-style half-nude exotic harem beauty, reclining on a chaise longe, her scantily fitting costume adorned with hanging coins - on rectangular plinth signed A Cipriani.
Dimensions: height 19 1/2inches by 18 1/2inches in length
Max Drah (Austrian 1879-?) "The Horse Tamer" Signed bronze sculpture circa 1920, with small plaque for C.G.Hallberg of Stockholm on the marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 18&1/2 inches, height of marble alone 2&1/2 inches.
Hans Stoltenberg Lerche (German,1865-1920),signed, bronze, gilded
Dimensions: 9in high
A pair of Austrian Art deco Bronze table lamps depicting Atlas, fitted
with contemporary hand made mica shades.

Dimensions: Total height 24 inches , height of figural patinated
section 16 inches.
Late 19 th Century bronze tazza depicting Atlas set on black Belgian marble base, with silvered medallion on top surface; superb cast possibly from E. F. Caldwell & Co. New York
Dimensions: Height 15&1/2 inches by 14&1/2 inches in width
Jozsef Engelsz ( Hungarian 1928-) "Drinking Only from a Clear Stream" A free standing sculpture depicting
Hungarian Folklore subjects .in copper repoussé. (the two columns are separated and can be used on the right and left sides of an entryway if desired.) Circa 1960.
Dimensions:Height 64 inches by 18&1/2 inches in width by 14 inches in depth (both columns together)
Jan Znoj (Czech 1905 -1950) Gilt Bronze aviation sculpture signed , dedicated and with  stamp for K.Bartak Foundry , Praha 11
Dimensions: 19&1/2 inches high
Jan Znoj ( Czech 1905- 1950) "Rescued" Terracotta figural group circa 1925 signed and with factory marks for Upak Praha
Dimensions: Height 18 inches
Ladislav Saloun (Czech 1870-1946) Unsigned bronze hood ornament of runner with laurel wreath on marble base, circa 1930
Dimensions:Length 7 inches
Ladislav Saloun (Czech 1870-1946) Bronze semi nude female figure, signed and with foundry marks for  Franta Anyz circa 1910.
Dimensions: Height 21 inches
Ladislav Saloun (Czech 1870-1946) Bronz e foundry worker , signed and with foundry marks for Franta Anyz circa 1910 and with a dedication plaque for Banka Slavia (founded in 1868), possibly given as a retirement gift to Petru Karaskovi
Dimensions: Height 13 inches
Dezso Gyory (Hungarian 1908-1979) A signed hardwood hand carved sculpture of a concierge, circa 1930
Dimensions: 15&1/4 inches in height
Augustin.M.J.Garry (French late 19 th - early 20th century) dated 1916 bronze of Emile Zola (lost wax cast) with French foundry marks 
Dimensions: Total height 8 & 3/4 inches
Dezso Gyory (Hungarian 1908-1979) A signed hardwood hand carved sculpture of a street corner man circa 1930
Dimensions: 15 &1/4 inches in height
Julius Gyula Maugsch (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Vanity, signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: Total height 29 inches, Marble alone 1 inch in height
Julius Gyula Maugsch (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Laszlo", signed bronze on carved stone base
Dimensions: Total height 17 inches, Stone base alone 3&1/2 inches in height, by 14 inches in length, by 8 inches in width
Julius Gyula Maugsch (Hungarian 1882-1946 ) "The Boy Scout".Bronze sculpture circa 1930.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/2 inches
Otto Schmidt-Hofer (German 1873-1925) "Nude Fountain Figure" Signed and cold painted bronze nude atop a carved marble base to hold water and flowers as a table centrepiece, circa 1915.
Dimensions :Total height including marble base 18 inches, height of
figure alone 11&1/2 inches, Diameter of marble base 14 inches
R.Rotter (Czech early 20th century) Carved wood sports sculpture of a female archer circa 1935.
Dimensions: Total height 25 inches by 22 inches in length
Cyril Zatloukal (Czech 1894-? Circa 1930 social realist carved stone sculpture on marble base signed.
Dimensions: Total height 21&1/2 inches. Height of base alone 2&1/2 inches.
*TorF (German Circa 1910) Jewish Sculptor and Medalist. Bronze sculpture of a foundry man.
Dimensions: Total height 30 inches. Height of marble alone 5 inches.
Professor J Tuch (German ?  -1945)  "Gladiator"  A circa 1915 bronze sculpture with green and gilt cold painted patination with the foundry stamp for Argentor Wein.and signed Prf. Tuch (also known as Bruno Zach). Signed on the bronze base, set on black marble with white and gold striations.
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches.
Rudolph Henn (German/American 1880-1955) "Hand Stand" Henne was a WPA sculptor who lived in New York and worked with Heinz Warneke, Theodore Barbarossa, Richmond Barthe and Erwin Springweiller for four years on Harlem River Houses project.  Many of his bronze works are of children, including fountain sculptures.
Dimensions:Total height 11 inches, Height of bronze alone is7 inches.
L. Eisenberger (German act 1890-1930) Cold painted bronze of a standing nude
Dimensions: Height 17 inches.


Edgardo Simone (Italian/American, b. Brindisi Italy 1890, d. 1948 Hollywood California)." Le tre Grazie"  A possibly unique sculpture of the three graces as water sprites dancing around a scallop shell bird bath.The son of a Brindisi doctor, Simone studied at the Beaux Arts Academy in Rome from 1906-1913. He worked in New York, Chicago and California after immigrating from Italy .
Signed Edgardo.Simone .Foundry markings for Lagana Napoli  Italy.
Dimensions: Height 17 &1/2 inches
Maximilian Sandoz (Austrian Circa 1900)"Beethoven" bronze on marble base, signed
Dimensions: Total height 9 &1/2 inches by 4 &3/4 inches wide, height of bronze 7 inches
Jan Stursa ( Czech 1908-1925) "Wounded" bronze sculpture -The sculpture that expresses the carnage of war like no other- a young soldier impaled on barbed wire in an almost balletic pose.  Wounded is the most important sculpture of the modern movement of Czech sculpture and is an enduring symbol to the Czech Nation. (Signed in the bronze.)
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches .(Height of bronze alone 19 inches)

Karoly Szekely (Hungarian 1882-1942)" Toilete de Venus", signed and dated 1931, bronze on pink marble base
Dimensions: height of bronze 15 1/2  inches and height of marble base 3 inches
Leonard Craske (American 1882 -1950) "The Joy of Life " Marble signed and dated 1929 ( Exhibited at the California Legion of Honor Lincoln Park San Francisco April 27th, 1929, exhibition # 1325)
Dimensions: height 26 inches by 18 inches wide by 15 inches deep
W. Horak ( Austrian, early 20th cent),signed Horak in pen underneath Dimensions: 15&3/4 inches high    
Zametzer Beke (German, circa 1920),"Butterfly Girl"signed, bronze, Obermenzing Munich Foundry
Dimensions:16&1/2in high
Franz Bergman (Austrian circa 1880) .Art Nouveau Inkwell with two naked sea nymphs.Bronze Signed B within an urn twice and stamped GESCHUTZT and numbered 5301 also with original ceramic inkwell..
Dimensions Height 7 inches by 9 &3/4 inches wide by 6 inches in depth
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) Bronze sculpture of a young girl in a bathing suit testing the water with her right foot, while a naughty ram is urging her on .Signed Zach
Dimensions: Height 9&1/2 inches by 7 inches in width
Jugendstil (Art Nouveau), table lamp with glass inserts, sometimes referred to as a "Chunk Jewel Lamp" (made in Austria and Germany circa 1910. Bronze apparently unmarked.
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches, Diameter of shade 12 inches