Marius Mars-Vallet (French 1869-1957) "Sarah Bernhardt as Theodora " Circa 1900 bronze sculpture with multi coloured polychrome patinas, signed and with the foundry seal for Frederic Goldscheider Paris, cire perdue
Dimensions: Total height 13&3/4 inches by  7&1/2 inches in width and 4 &1/2 inches in depth
German, circa 1910, Silvered metal figure on cut glass decanter
Dimensions: 10in high
A pair of  highly detailed Art Nouveau Vienna bronze cold painted busts of "ASTARTE " and "STELLA", circa 1910.
Dimensions: Total height 3 inches by 2 &3/4 inches in width
Marcel Rau ( Belgian 1886-1966) Monumental, twice life size bronze garden sculpture of a seated nude in the long grass. Signed and dated (19)21 and quite possibly cast by "Compagnie des Bronzes de Bruxelles" with a green verdigris patination.  Rau was the winner of the Prix de Rome in 1908 and the present sculpture is similar to "Maternite" at the Musee des Beaux -Arts in Tournai (but without the child).
Marcel Rau was the son of an architect and related to Victor Horta. He studied sculpture and architecture at the "Académie des Beaux-Arts of Brussels" (1903-1909). As member of the "Académie Royale de Belgique". Marcel Rau was one of the guiding lights of early twentieth century Belgian sculpture, completing many architectural sculptures and bronze medals and he made important contributions to the 'renaissance' of decorative arts in Belgium. His sculpture can be found at the "Université Libre de Belgique" (ULB) and at the Belgian National Bank, and a series of commemorative war monuments in Halle, Beloeil, Ostend, Thimister, Ninove and Elsene. His work has been preserved in Museums throughout the world including those in Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Rome and in the Botanical Gardens of Saint Louis Missouri USA.
Dimensions: 40 inches in height by 45 inches in length by 22 inches in width.
Circa 1900 unsigned foundry worker. Possibly by Hans Muller (German 1873-1937). Bronze sculpture on replacement marble base.
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/2 inches.
Josef Remenyi (Hungarian 1887-1977) “Shotputer” .A circa 1925 signed bronze sculpture of an idealized Grecian Olympiad.
Dimensions: Total height 12&3/4 inches. Height of marble alone 3&1/2 inches.
Max Schwedler, active in Vienna in 1920-1930s. Art Deco bronze figure of a male nude, bending a bow,  signed and dated 1929 on the base, stamped in German: " Wiener Gesellschaft von Freunden der Kleinplastiken"(Vienna Society of Friends of Small Sculptures).
Dimensions Height 10&1/4 inches by length 9 inches
Manolis Tzobanakis (Greek 20th Century) "Alexander, the King of Macedonia", Bronze Signed and dated Roma '71 and cast numbered 2/6
Dimensions:Total height 18 inches by 15 inches in width, height of marble
base alone 3 inches
Volmer Bahner (Danish, 1912-1995)"Young Boy" Signed and dated 1935, bronze on wood base
Dimensions: 20 inches high
Alexandor Finta (Hungarian,1881-1958) "Charge" " Austro-Hungarian infantryman , high quality bronze, signed and dated 1914-15
Dimensions: Total height 12inches
Well modeled and Illegibly signed  Barbaritos ? and marked Lisboa bronze tennis player circa 1930 displaying a backhand stroke with a polychrome gold patina.
Dimensions: Total height 7 inches.
V.Lexa  (Czech circa 1930) Bronze sculpture of an erotic female dominatrix  fencer in a tight dress exposing her breast. Acid patina with cold painted dress
Dimensions: Total height 17 inches.

Jan Hana (after)(Czech 1927-1994) unsigned wood sculpture in the Avant-garde style of a woman combing her hair, circa 1963 after the artist's sculpture of Euterpé (sculpture not to be atributed to the artist)
Dimensions: Total height 36 inches. Height of figure alone 31 inches
Karel Opatrny (Czech 1881-1961) "Mermaid Pool" The baluster silvered Art Nouveau pewter vase is signed, circa 1900, and has 2 applied mermaids, a lobster, sea snail, a grotesque fish and poppies. The body of the vase has a semi relief design of waterfalls, swimming fish and water lilies amidst an aquatic background
Dimensions: 24 inches in height, 12 inches in diameter .(Original brass liner in vase)
Karel Opatrny (Czech 1881-1961) A circa 1915 painted ceramic  study of a smith. signed with monogram
Dimensions: Height 18 inches.

Karel Opatrny (Czech 1881-1961)" Hane Vlada Slavka Vanoce 1938" A plaster artist's studio maquette signed and dated 1938.
Dimensions: Height 13 inches by 10 inches in width

Milan Havlíček (Czech 1873-1917) unsigned Art Nouveau jardiniere depicting 2 groups of lovers in amorous poses
Dimensions: Height 5 inches by 13 inches in length by 9 inches in depth.

A good pair of Continental bronze Jugendstil monogrammed "FH" vases dated 1902
Dimensions: Height of each is 9&1/2 inches


Ladislav Novák (Czech 1908-1994)
"Femme au Bain" Signed and dated 1906 Paris, patinated bronze plaque in original wood frame
Dimensions: Height of bronze 9&1/2 inches by 6&1/2 inches in width, framed size 16 inches by 16 inches
Illegibly signed (Prokop?) impressionist Czech bronze sculpture circa 1920 of a young woman arranging her hair.
Dimensions:Total height 10&1/2 inches
Unsigned Russian or Czech Socialist Realism bronze sculpture circa 1939 of a muscular foundry worker fashioning an iron utensil on an anvil.
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches

Josef Pekarek (Czech 1873-1930)"The Mistress of the Sea" Signed bronze Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches, height of marble base alone 5&1/2 inches
Czech Art Deco Owl Desk Set circa 1930 copper book with a bronze owl and with 2 porcelain insert inkwells, with bronze and brass letter-opener and bronze owl seal with the initials EF
Dimensions: Height 6 &1/2 inches by 7 &1/2 inches in width, by 8 inches in length , owl letter-opener 10 inches in length, owl seal 4&1/2 inches in height
Vienna Bronze Bull Circa 1910, unmarked bronze, finely cast
Dimensions: Height 3&1/2 inches by 5&1/2 inches in length
Carl Kauba (Austrian 1865-1922) "Rudolph of Habsburg" Gilt bronze group signed circa 1910.
Dimensions: Total height 11&3/4 inches. Height of marble base alone 4&1/2 inches.
Nikolaus Friedrich (German 1865-1914)"Amazon Fastening Her
Sandal" Signed bronze sculpture dated "09
Dimensions:Total Height13 &1/2 inches, height of bronze alone 10&1/2 inches
Allan Clark (American 1896-1950) Bronze signed and dated 1924, of a Socialite, with Roman Bronze Works Foundry inscription.
Dimensions Total height 13&1/2 inches .
Eastern European Corpus Czech or Polish? circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 31 inches. Height of Corpus alone 23 inches by 14 inches in width
Antonin Stejskal (Czech 1907-1983)  "Contemplative Fencer", signed bronze
Dimensions : Total height 20&3/4 inches
Guyla Donath (Hungarian 1850-1909) "Leukothea" Signed bronze Circa 1900
Dimensions: Height 38 inches by 35 inches in width, base is 12 inches in diameter
Carl Flink (German 1899-1936)."Fountain of the Satyr" A Bronze life size bust originally for use as a fountain, now mounted on a marble base, signed and with foundry mark from Mannheim.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 15& 1/2 inches by 12 & 1/2 inches in width by 6 & 1/2 inches in depth. Marble 15x8x1 inches

Georges Gardet (French 1863-1939) French Art Deco clock with a panther. Unsigned bronze circa 1930, on a green onyx and variegated brown marble base finished with a chromed metal base and chromed corners, the black painted dial with oversized numbers in the Art Deco taste.
Dimensions: Total length 23 inches by 5&1/2 inches in depth by 11 inches in height.
Brass box Austrian, Circa 1910
Dimensions: 4&1/2in high by 7&1/2in diameter
Hans Muller (German 1874 -1947) "Water Carrier"signed bronze
Dimensions: Height 17 &1/2 inches by width 14 inches

Illegibly signed (Czech ? Circa 1920 ) Bronze reclining nude
Dimensions: Length 24 inches by 10 inches in width by 9 inches in height
Otto Hofner (Austrian,1879-1946) "Greyhounds" signed, bronze, Foundry mark Erzgiesserei Wein
Dimensions: 14 "high x 23 & 1/2"long x 7"wide.
Vienna bronze of bear cold painted medium brown with black highlights.  Grizzly bear circa 1910 mounted on a striated reddish and white later marble base.
Dimensions: Bronze length 7 inches by a height of 4 &1/2 inches.
Bretislav Benda (attributed) (Czech 1897-1983)  Monumental unsigned Terra cotta study
Dimensions:Height 23 inches by 14 inches in length and 14 inches in width
Bretislav Benda (Czech, 1897-1983) signed terracotta nude
Dimensions : Total height 22&1/2 inches by 12 inches in width
Julius Lankas (Czech, 1909-?) signed terracotta nude crca 1930
Dimensions: Total height of sculpture plus base 23 inches by 9 inches in width, height of wooden base alone 1 inch
Joseph Motto (American 1889-1965) "Adolescence" Bronze sculpture exhibited in1930 at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Signed and stamped made in Austria wi th numbers 10119
Dimensions : Total height 16 inches, height of marble 2 inches

Richard Furedi (Hungarian 1873-1947) Austro-Hungarian mythical subject. Semi relief signed bronze sculpture on elaborate marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 17 inches by 15&1/2 inches in length by 5&1/2 inches in depth
Josef Antek (Czech 1911-1991) Circa 1930 bronze signed sculpture of a stretching nude on marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 9 inches. Height of marble base alone 2 inches.
Otakar Spaniel (Czech 1881-1955) unsigned bronze on marble base of an apple picker
Dimensions: Total height 13 inches. height of marble base alone 5 inches
Carl Kauba (Austrian, 1865 -1922 ) A satirical polychromed Vienna bronze group of Franco/Prussian generals ( 8 intertwined figures held together witha large bolt) on a marble base, circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 4&1/2 inches by a total length of 6 inches , by a total depth of 3 inches. The height of the marble base alone is 1&1/4 inches
Joseph Motto ( American 1889-1965)"Leaping Gazelle", signed pair identical bronzes
Dimensions: 10&1/2in high, 8&3/4in long
Otto Pilz (German, 1876-1934) "Barenbrunnen" (Brown Bear), circa 1910, signed bronze on marble column
Dimensions: Total height 9 inches, total width 6 inches, height of bronze alone 4&3/4 inches