Hermann Eichberg (German, circa 1910) antique "Blind Justice", signed, finely detailed  bronze figure of blindfolded 'Justice' holding an ornate sword and scales, mounted on a dark brown/green columnar marble base.
Dimensions: Total height  11 & 1/2 inches.,
Note : Hermann Eichberg also made a smaller hood ornament  version of this sculpture in bronze that sold at Bonhams automobilia auction in Paris 2010 ( lacking scales) for $5,500
"Harem Girl" unsigned, bronze
Dimensions: 13 inches high
A life size early 20th Century (1910 - 1936) German Expressionist nude study in bronze.Unsigned, possibly by Fritz Klimsch (1870-1960)
Dimensions: Total height 68&1/2 inches, height of marble base alone 2&1/2 inches
Bruno Zach (German, 1891-1935) "Miner" Bronze sculpture with foundry marks for Argentor Wein and with a plaque, again marked with Argentor foundry and THUSS sculp (A similar sculpture is illustrated on page 62 of the Argentor foundry catalog of 1928 signed Bruno Zach
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches. Height of onyx base 2 inches.
Carl Brose (German 1880-?) Unsigned bronze of Hercules circa 1910
Dimensions:Total height 12 inches
E. Saalmann (German act 1890 -1930) Cold painted signed bronze circa 1900 of nude dancing with cornucopias
Dimensions: Height 15&1/2 inches.
Giambologna (after, circa 1880) A monumental French Grand Tour bronze group of Nessus abducting Deianira after Giambologna- cast circa 1880, possibly by Ferdinand Barbedienne. Fine rich golden brown patination
The centaur Nessus is depicted rearing on his hind legs and lifting Deianira onto his back, the naturalistically cast base is inscribed 'Jean Bologna'
(An identical bronze sculpture sold at a Christies 2009 for $22,344.)
The first documented example of this famous bronze group was made by Giovanni Bologna between 1575 and 1577 for the Salviati family of Florence. The three casts signed by him differ slightly from each other, as well as from the Frick model and the many other variants, chiefly in the pose of Deianira and the arrangement of drapery; they are also only half the size of the later variants. These bronzes are an amazing tour de force of casting, with a balance so delicate it is hardly surprising that the centaur's rear legs in all three signed versions have broken in the same place -- or that at some time in its past, the Frick bronze was strengthened by a lead insert in the rear right leg. Giovanni Bologna's Mercury, one of the best-known sculptures in history, is poised miraculously on the toes of one foot, but the abduction of Deianira is even more daring and dramatic. One cannot but wonder how such a minor myth, so obscure, so difficult to produce in bronze, came to be chosen for sculpture. The closest antecedent was Pollaiuolo's painting of the abduction, now in the Yale University Art Gallery. The same subject, according to his biographer Condivi, had once been proposed to Michelangelo, but he evidently never undertook such a project. Perhaps Giovanni Bologna, who seems always to have dared the seemingly impossible, deliberately sought comparison with his illustrious Florentine precursors.
According to legend, the centaur Nessus tried to abduct Hercules' wife, Deianira, after offering her a ride across a turbulent river. For his treachery, Hercules killed Nessus with an arrow. The explosive outward movement of the sculpted figures is tightly contained by equally dynamic forces twisting in midair as the two struggle against each other: the terrified Deianira straining back toward her husband while the centaur leaps forward.
Understandably popular, variants of this model were produced over and over by assistants and followers of Giovanni Bologna, many of them made during his lifetime and with his approval. The Frick version has been attributed variously to two of these sculptors: formerly to Adriaen de Vries, but more recently to Pietro Tacca. Tacca (1577-1640) was the last and one of the most gifted sculptors to join Giovanni Bologna's shop, in 1592. He nurtured close personal and professional ties to his master, whom he succeeded as court sculptor. Tacca was an exceptional technician, particularly noted for equestrian statues, such as those for Henri IV, Grand Duke Ferdinand I of Tuscany, and Philip III of Spain.
Dimensions: 29¼ in. (74 cm.) high; 18½ in. (47 cm.) wide
Source: Art in The Frick Collection: Paintings, Sculpture, Decorative Arts, New York: Harry N. Abrams, 1996.
Collections: Private collection, Paris (1914). Duveen. Frick, 1915.
Source: Sculpture in The Frick Collection: German, Netherlandish, French and British. Volume IV. New York: The Frick Collection, 1970.

Jeno Kerenyi (Hungarian 1908-1975) "Captive", bronze signed and dated

Dimensions: Total height 17&3/4
inches, including 3&1/2 inch marble base
Jan Stursa (Czech, 1880 -1925) A painted plaster figure of the poet Karel Hlavacek from 1909, signed. Dimensions: Total height 14 inches by 7 inches in width by 7 inches in depth.
Bratislav Benda (Czech, 1897-1983) signed terracotta nude
Dimensions : Total height 22&1/2 inches by 12 inches in width
Julius Lankas (Czech, 1909-?) signed terracotta nude crca 1930
Dimensions: Total height of sculpture plus base 23 inches by 9 inches in width, height of wooden base alone 1 inch
Istvan Halmagyi (Hungarian 1920's) "Bather" signed and dated 1926 marble sculpture.
Dimensions: Height 14 inches by 13 inches in length by 8&1/2 inches in width
Bratislav Benda (attributed) (Czech 1897-1983)  Monumental unsigned Terra cotta study
Dimensions:Height 23 inches by 14 inches in length and 14 inches in width
Bretislav Benda (Czech 1897-1983) "The Temptation". An early monumental allegorical figure circa 1921 green /brown patinated bronze sculpture of a nude female figure with her right index finger in a beckoning position while she holds an apple as she stands on the shoulders of a crouching devil.  Her right arm supports a hovering angel aloft on her shoulder.Signed with the monogram BB
Dimensions: Total height including the base is 28 &1/4 inches, height of octagonal marble base alone is 2&3/4 inches.
Guyla Donath (Hungarian 1850-1909) "Leukothea" Signed bronze Circa 1900
Dimensions: Height 38 inches by 35 inches in width, base is 12 inches in diameter
Francesco Giuseppe Thyllmani (Italian, 1862-1936) A very rare late 19th /early 20th century bronze monumental in the realist Italian school, Satyr drinking wine.  Apparently unsigned.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 32 inches by 22 inches in width by 19 inches in depth
Paul Wayland Bartlett (18651925) "Torso of a Woman". Unsigned carved marble torso 1895-1923 Provenance: From a New England collector with Yale University connections. Bartlett received an Honorary Masters Degree from Yale in 1918. Sculpture similar to a smaller bronze sculpture at The Metropolitan Museum of Art date recorded as 1895 and a 7 inch female torso cast by Zoppo Foundry New York that bears the artist's monogram. The catalogue of Ameican sculpture at The Metropolitan lists Bartlett having possibly exhibited variations of the "Torso of a Woman"at The Paris Salon 1895,1909,1911, Louisiana Purchase Exhibition 1904, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art 1905, Detroit Institute of Arts 1907, Baltimore Museum of Art 1908, Chicago Art Institute 1923 Musee de l'Orangerie 1929.
Dimensions: Height of marble alone is 24 inches by 10 inches in width by 12 inches in depth. Height of wood base alone is 30 inches 
Laszlo Schmidmann (Hungarian 1888- 1964) Marble study of female nude signed and dated 1922
Dimensions: Total height 23 inches
Edgardo Simone (Italian/American, b. Brindisi Italy 1890, d. 1948 Hollywood California)." Le tre Grazie"  A possibly unique sculpture of the three graces as water sprites dancing around a scallop shell bird bath.The son of a Brindisi doctor, Simone studied at the Beaux Arts Academy in Rome from 1906-1913. He worked in New York, Chicago and California after immigrating from Italy .
Signed Edgardo.Simone .Foundry markings for Lagana Napoli  Italy.
Dimensions: Height 17 &1/2 inches
Illegibly signed (Prokop?) impressionist Czech bronze sculpture circa 1920 of a young woman arranging her hair.
Dimensions:Total height 10&1/2 inches
Georges-Charles Coudray (French, 1883-1932) "Le Gardien du Harem" signed, bronze, foundry seal for "Société des Bronzes, Paris", multicolor patination
Dimensions:24in high
Ladislav Saloun (Czech 1870-1946) Bronze semi nude female figure, signed and with foundry marks for  Franta Anyz circa 1910.
Dimensions: Height 21 inches
Prof Rudolf Marschall (Austrian 1873-1967) Bronze signed Art Nouveau
(Jugendstil) table lamp circa 1915 of a maiden picking roses, the
unsigned moulded glass shade with butterflies and flowers (shade not
original to lamp. Most of Marschall's lamps incorporate a simple linen
cloth shade )

Dimensions Height including glass shade 14&1/2 inches
Pal Patzo (Hungarian 1886 -1945 )," Fist of Freedom", signed bronze
Circa 1925
Dimensions :20 inches high.
Karel Kolasczek (Czech 1898-) Signed and dated 1926 bronze sculpture of a nude young girl in the waves
Dimensions: Total height 12 inches. height of marble base alone 2&1/2 inches
Kurta-Pataki (Hungarian Circa 1915)"Bather", signed bronze
Dimensions:13&1/2 inches high by 7 inches wide
Loredo Taft (Attributed)(American, 1860-1936) "Towards the Unknown?", unsigned bronze with (Merit* Clark 1910 ?) written underneath) and New York foundry mark (S*w*a*rer and co founders New York)
Dimensions: 12 inches high by 6 inches wide
Thomas Francois Cartier (French 1879-1943)"Tango Erotica" silvered bronze, signed
Dimensions: total height 13&1/2 inches high by 16&1/2 inches in length by 8 inches wide. Height of marble 1&3/4 inches
19th Century sculpture after the antique by Myron of Eleutherae (Greek 440-480 BC.The sculpture is known as  "The Discobolus of Myron". Myron was born in Eleutherae, a small town on the border between Attica and Bocotia, and lived most of his life in Athens. The 1st-century writer Pliny cites Myron as the first to achieve life like representation in art, but it would be more accurate to say that he was the first Greek sculptor to combine a mastery of movement with a gift for harmonious composition. Circa 1890 large and impressive  Italian bronze cast on a monumental circular rouge marble base. Superb hand chasing and finishing to the sculpture, quite possibly cast by either Nelli or Chiaruzzi.
Dimensions: Total height 28 &1//2 inches.
Hungarian early 20 th century bronze of a seaman steering a boat with
an anchor and ropes laying on the base, illegible signature
Dimensions: 13&3/4 inches high by 10&1/2 inches long
Unsigned Eastern European  bronze of "Mucius the Roman" Circa 1915
Dimensions: Height 12&1/2 inches
Willard Dryden Paddock (American 1873-1956) A fine and rare early 20th century walking cane handle cast in bronze of a crouching female nude signed and dated 1906 and numbered 10 with Gorham foundry marks ( now set on a wooden sockle.
Dimensions: Height of bronze alone 3&1/2 inche, by 4 inches in width, with period wood sockle 5 inches high
Julius Gyula Maugsch (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Vanity, signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: Total height 29 inches, Marble alone 1 inch in height
Charlotte Monginot (French 1872-?) "Water Nymph" Art Nouveau signed bronze with parcel-gilt and mid- brown patination, foundry inscription for Louchet Paris. Circa 1900.
Dimensions: Height 14 &3/4 inches by 27 &1/2 inches in length
Czech School Circa 1930"Torso" Unsigned bronze torso on circular marble base
Dimensions:Height 10&1/2 inches
Franz Bergman (Austrian circa 1880) .Art Nouveau Inkwell with two naked sea nymphs.Bronze Signed B within an urn twice and stamped GESCHUTZT and numbered 5301 also with original ceramic inkwell..
Dimensions Height 7 inches by 9 &3/4 inches wide by 6 inches in depth
Late 19 th Century Italian bronze - In the Manner of Clodion " Bachante with Baby Faun", unsigned, bronze
Dimensions: 24 1/2 inches high x 10 1/2 inches wide
Rudolf Hlavica (Czech, 1897-1971), "Aurora", signed with Franta Anyz Foundry inscription, bronze
Dimensions:14 inches high
Vincenzo Aurisicchio (Italian, early 20 th Century)," Nude Flower Girl", signed, with Napoli foundry seal, bronze
Dimensions: 13 & 3/4 inches high
Mihaly Biro (Hungarian 1886-1948) Bronze sculpture of a worker pushing a 1000 volt fuse with company logo for "Tovarna na kable .spol Bratislava". The company was founded in 1923 This sculpture is possibly from 1928-1929.
Signed and set on a period black glass base and with company marks.
Dimensions: Total length 8&1/2 inches by 3&1/4 inches in width

  S.Schwalenberg (German,work dates 1898-1922 ) in bronze. Dimensions: 19&3/4 inches long by 7&3/4 inches wide
French or Austrian Art Nouveau bronze nude on rock circa 1910, unsigned
Dimensions: Length 6&1/2 inches long by 6 inches in height
Eugene Desire Piron (French1875-1928) Bacchanalian Wine Dance, circa 1920. Signed bronze, olive green/brown patinaed figural group on an unusual striated green marble base.
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/2 (includes 1 &1/2 inch marble base) by 10&1/4 in length 
Max Drah (Austrian 1879-?) "The Horse Tamer" Signed bronze sculpture circa 1920, with small plaque for C.G.Hallberg of Stockholm on the marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 18&1/2 inches, height of marble alone 2&1/2 inches.
Josef Antek (Czech 1911-1991) Circa 1930 bronze signed sculpture of a stretching nude on marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 9 inches. Height of marble base alone 2 inches.

Josef Pekarek (Czech 1873-1930)"The Mistress of the Sea" Signed bronze Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches, height of marble base alone 5&1/2 inches
"Mercury" After Giambologna (Italian,1529 -1608) late 19th century bronze ( possibly Italian cast), unsigned
Dimensions: bronze 75&1/4inches high,with marble base 9&1/2 inches high, total height 84&3/4 inches
Arnold Kramer (German, 1863-1918) signed bronze
Dimensions : 60 inches high
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) Bronze sculpture of a young girl in a bathing suit testing the water with her right foot, while a naughty ram is urging her on .Signed Zach
Dimensions: Height 9&1/2 inches by 7 inches in width
Jaroslav Horejc (Czech 1886-1983) "Allegory of Night," Superb and rare, circa 1918 cast of a bare breasted woman in tight full length robes shielding a small oil lamp in her hands, standing on an irregular bronze base that depicts strange creatures of the night. Signed in the bronze.
Dimensions: Total height 21&1/2 inches. Height of  marble base alone 2 inches 
Nelly Preusser (German 1843- ?) "Tanzarin" A bronze sculpture of a  dancer signed and dated 1929 on a verde antico octagonal marble base. (The stylized pose is reminiscent of the work of Georg Kolbe. )
Dimensions: Total height 13 &1/2 inches.
Max Klinger (German, 1857-1920) A life size bronze sculpture of "Badende"( Bather)  Black / green patinaed bronze .  Signed and with the foundry inscription of H.Gladenbeck & Sohn foundry Berlin and numbered 3.
This sculpture is from an edition of five numbered casts authorized by Max Klinger in 1903,  from the marble original now in the Leipzig Museum he carved in 1898.
The model for the sculpture was Elsa Asenijeff, Max Klinger 's model and his long-standing unofficial companion .
Reference 1. Max Klinger, Bildwerke, Gemalde und Zeichnungen Museum der bildenden Kunste Leipzig 1995 , by Herwig Guratzsch and E.A.Seemann ( Exhibition catalog May 3 rd to July 27 th 1995 ) catalog example A7.
Reference 2.  Max Klinger Auf der Suche nach dem neuman Menschen. E.A. Seemann 2007 page135.  Exhibit number 21. lent by the Dessau Anhaltische Gemaldegalerie inventory number Nr.P.108
(E xhibition celebrating the artists 150th  birthday)
Dimensions: Total height  59 inches (150cm)
After Claude- Michel Clodion French 1738-1814)"Bachante Aux Cymbales", (A Nymph playing cymbals) A  French cast silver figure attributed to Clodion  circa 1880.  A semi -nude Bacchante, with vine leaves in her hair  playing cymbals set on a rouge marble base . Marks for silver maker A .Lebon within a lozenge that includes another unidentified device and one other poincon mark  next to the lozenge.
Dimensions: Height of figure alone 15 inches .Total height 17 &1/2 inches

V.Lexa  (Czech circa 1930) Bronze sculpture of an erotic female dominatrix  fencer in a tight dress exposing her breast. Acid patina with cold painted dress
Dimensions: Total height 17 inches.

Fritz Storck (Romanian 1872-1942) "Dance of the Nymphs", signed bronze, dated 1922, foundry inscription for .V.V.Rascanu, Bucharest
Dimensions: Height 6&1/2 inches by 5 inches wide
Adolfo Cipriani ( Italian circa 1880 ) A large Italian carved alabaster figure of an  orientalist bedlah-style half-nude exotic harem beauty, reclining on a chaise longe, her scantily fitting costume adorned with hanging coins - on rectangular plinth signed A Cipriani.
Dimensions: height 19& 1/2inches by 18 1/2inches in length
A circa 1910 Vienna bronze polychromed sculpture of Andromeda chained to a rock base, no visible signature but highly likely to be by Carl Kauba
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches.
Vilim Amort (Czech 1864 -1913) An amusing bronze of a naked girl holding a hoop, at her feet a grotesque half man, half scorpion clings to a rock in a tortured pose. Signed and with the K.Bartak foundry inscription. Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 20&1/2 inches.
George Flamand (French circa 1890), A large and impressive Art Nouveau bronze gilded jardiniere with original lead liner) . Signed and titled "La Chene et le Roseau de la Fontaine" (The Oak,the Reed and the Fountain)
Dimensions: Height 8&!/2 inches by 14 inches in length by 6&1/2 inches in depth.
Ladislav Novák (Czech 1908-1994)
"Femme au Bain" Signed and dated 1906 Paris, patinated bronze plaque in original wood frame
Dimensions: Height of bronze 9&1/2 inches by 6&1/2 inches in width, framed size 16 inches by 16 inches
After Johann Heinrich von Dannecker ( German 1758-1841) A superb and monumental  Italian circa 1890 hand carved white marble group of Ariadne and the panther. Ariadne naked with a vine wreath in her hair, looking ahead and lying across the back of a panther, her elbow resting on its head and holding drapery in her hand, on a stepped  rectangular marble base
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches  by length 25 inches by width 10&1/2 inches
H.W.Janson,/ Nineteenth Century Sculpture,/ Thames and Hudson, 1985, pp. 62-3.
The present sculpture is after the celebrated work by Johann Heinrich von Dannecker (d.1841) in the State Sculpture Gallery, Frankfurt. Ariadne, daughter of the king of King Minos of Crete, having helped Theseus, whom she loved, to escape from the Labyrinth was in return abandoned by him on the island of Naxos. Bacchus rescued her, consoled her and they soon were married. The vine wreaths in Ariadne's hair allude to her union with Bacchus the God of wine, as does the panther which is often depicted drawing Bacchus's Triumphal chariot. Ariadne's Heavenward gaze may also relate to the constellation that Bacchus created when he threw her jeweled crown to the Heavens.

Holme Cardwell  (English 1815-1887) "Sabrina" A  tour de force bronze cast with superb hand finishing signed and dated 1865 "Fecit Roma" Holme Cardwell was born in Manchester England and attended London's Royal Academy Schools in 1834, at the age of 19 winning a silver medal in 1839. He moved to Paris in 1841 and studied under David d'Angers (1788-1856), exhibiting with distinction at the Académie Royale In 1850. He settled in Rome in 1858, sending works to England for exhibition at the Royal Academy . The marble version of this sculpture was first exhibited at the Royal Academy London 1855 inventory number 1225 Roma (notating that the artist lived abroad) and Titled "Sabrina" and was displayed with the accompanying poem by John Milton.  
Sabrina Fair,
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassie, cool, translucent wave,
In twisted braids of Lillies knitting
The loose train of thy amber-dropping hair,
Listen for dear honour's sake,
Goddess of the silver lake,
Listen and save.
Dimensions: Total height 25 inches by 16 inches in diameter.
(With accompanying wood pedestal made at a later date- 39 inches in height)
Lucien Charles Alliot (French 1877-1967)"La Source", Signed Art Nouveau Circa 1910 gilded and polychromed bronze sculpture
Dimensions: height 12&1/2 inches, width7 &1/4 inches, depth 2 &1/4 inches
Franta Anyz (Czech 1876-1934)"Frolicking and Drunken Baby Satyrs", signed bronze figural group surmounting a bronze and marble inkwell (Franta Anyz was the most important Czech foundry at the turn of the century )
Dimensions: Bronze length 12 inches by 5 inches in width by 6&1/2 inches high, the marble is 14 inches long by 9 inches wide
August Bischoff (German, 1876-1965) " Amazon", signed bronze with G. M. B. H. Foundry Inscription (Duseldorf Bronze Foundry)
Dimensions: 14 inches high by 17&1/2 inches long
Adolph Joseph Pohl (Austrian 1872-?) Pensive Nude"signed and marked Austria , bronze on marble base,
Dimensions: height of bronze 7 inches and height of marble base 3 1/2  inches