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  KAREL POKORNY (CZECH 1891-1962)  

Karel Pokorny (Czech, 1891-1962) "Ostrava  ".
Ostrava is known as the “steel heart of the republic” A Monumental life sized bust with foundry marks for Bartak Praha and painted white numerals ( usually the indication of museum inventory numbers.)
Pokorný studied in Prague at the School of Industrial Arts from 1911 to 1914 and at the Academy of Arts with J. V. Mysl-bek from 1914 to 1917. Continuing in the realistic tradition of 19th-century Bohemian art, he expressed socialist ideas in his work even before World War II. His works in bronze include the monuments to lost miners in Lazy (1925) and Osek (1936–38), reliefs for the National Monument in Prague (1936–38), the monument Fraternization in the city of Česká Třebová (completed in 1950), and monuments to A. Jirásek (1952) and B. Nĕmcová (unveiled in 1954) in Prague

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Sculpture is known as" Ostrava " Illustrated page 40 & 41
Karel Pokorny. Uvodni Studii Napsal.

Published by Statni nakladatelstvi/ Krasne Literatury, Praha, 195

Dimensions: Height 20 inches by 24 inches in length by 17 &1/2 inches in depth