Toma Rosandic (Serbo-Croatian, 1879-1959) "Devica" Unique  signed bronze bronze circa 1917. Provenance: From the collection of Sir Edward Maufe (best known for designing Guildford Cathedral). Exhibited in London 1930 and Fine Arts Society London 1986. Toma Rosandic, a Serbo-Croatian artist, was born in Split on the Dalmatian coast, the son of a stone worker.  During the early years in Split, Croatia, Rosandic learned to carve in wood as well as stone .He toured Italy and exhibited in Milan and Belgrade in 1906 and 1912.  With the outbreak of war Rosandic left for London where he exhibited at the Grafton Galleries in 1917 and later in Brighton and Edinburgh. It was here in the same year at the Grafton that he first exhibited the original model of Devica, which he had carved in walnut wood and from which one unique cast was authorized by Rosandic. Sir Hugh Casson commented that in this work one can appreciate the originality and personal style of Rosandic better than in any other. Many of his bronze projects at this time were cast at the Vozdovac Foundry. The Toma Rosandic Memorial Museum Belgrade, has a superb collection of his works including the original wood sculpture of Devica.This sculpture is illustrated in many books of early 20th century sculpture.
Dimensions: 66in high
Toma Rosandic (back)

Bohumír Frantisek Antonín Cermak (Czech1882 -1961) " Die Sünde "  (The Sin) ( Eve). The present sculpture is inspired by the works of his mentor and teacher, Austrian symbolist artist Otto Wagner (1841-1918), and by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). It also bears considerable similarity to certain symbolist sculptures and works by Franz Von Stuck (1863 - 1928).

High quality cast bronze sculpture of Eve, with gilded hair, her body in antique brown and also with applied gilding to her anklets. Her head is encircled with a dark brown/black snake with dark green highlights and decorative markings. Artists signature inscribed and illegible date (either19 '07 or 19 '04),  and with full foundry marks and stamps for Bedrich Bendelmayer of Prague, the premier caster and founder in Prague of fine art sculpture from the late 19th and early 20th century.

There are many design elements in the snake's markings similar to metal work details created by this artist in his works dating to around 1910. Bohumír Cermak's work before the First World War demonstrated principles of Viennese Modernism. He followed in the footsteps of Josef Hoffmann and the Wiener Werkstätte. After returning to the Czech Republic he founded  The Cermak Handicraft Workshop in Brno (1910). His studio designed ceramics and unusual metal work in the secessionist style. Cermak was also an architect of  buildings (notably the Brno Exhibition Centre). He was also involved in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including the United States. The city of Brno is the second largest city after Prague in Czech Republic and has always been a hot bed for artists called"Moravians". Brno was the first city at the turn of the 20th century to be connected directly by rail to Vienna . Dimensions: Height 25.5 inches or 65.5 cm

Carl Kauba (Austrian 1865-1922) "Judith". Bronze sculpture on marble base. The bronze is signed C.Thenn and has a copyright seal for Thenn Austria . We have had  this sculpture signed by C. Kauba. Note: Carl Kauba and Karl Thenn are the same person. Well detailed Austrian Vienna bronze with  an acid patina to the body parts and red brown clothing and a dark green/black/brown base.
Dimensions: Total height 10 inches.
Alexandre Kelety (Hungarian died-1940) "Tango Dancers". Rare bronze lamp of a couple dancing on an illuminated bronze lamp. The bronze dancers with a copper patina and gold dinanderie designed motifs. The bronze lamp totally covered with a black-green patina and dinanderie gold circular motifs enclosing four art glass panels circa 1920 set on a Belgian black marble base.
A similar sculpture was by sold Sotheby's London, 27 th February 1981. Lot 460
Dimensions: Total height 19&1/2 inches, by 16 inches in width, by 4 inches in depth
Dominique Alonzo (attributed)( French early 20th Century ) Student of Falguire and a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon. A large and rare bronze and ivory group depicting Pan and a Muse. Pan sit slasciviously gazing at a female Bacchanalian figure holding a bunch of grapes dancing in front of him, the base strewn with fruit and a basket.  Foundry registration number typical of Alonzo sculptures. Gold patination.
Dimensions: Total height 14 & 1/2 inches by 12 inches in width by 8 inches in depth.
Georg Lober, (American 1892-1961)"Paul Schoellkopf, Jr."Bronze plaque signed by Georg Lober and dated 1925 for American Art Foundry New York. (Paul Schoellkopf was 8 years old.)( Exhibited California Palace of the Legion of Honor Lincoln Park San Francisco April 27th , 1929 exhibit # 886in Gallery 16.) On the reverse of the plaque is written in old red paint "Geo Lober 6 East 15 St. N.Y.City"
Dimensions: 26 inches high by 16 inches wide
R.Grossauer (Austrian 1920's)" Discus launcher" Bronze sculpture signed and dated 1923
Dimensions: Total height 18&1/2 inches, height of marble base alone 4 inches
Vienna bronze circa 1910 "Persephone", polychrome and gilt on marble base, indicipherable foundry mark
Dimensions: Total height 22 inches, height of figure alone18 inches, width 8&1/2 inches
Hugo Robus (American,1885-1964)"Maternity", unique carved pentelic marble 1936, illustrated page 185 of "Hugo Robus" by Roberta K.Tarbell
Dimensions: 14&1/2 inches long by 14 inches high by 10 inches wide
Otto Gutfreund (Czech 1889-1927)"Lovers", signed, bronze (cast 1925-1927)
Dimensions: 11& 3/4 inches long by 7& 1/4 inches wide by 5& 1/2 inches high
William Wauer (German 1866-1962) "Figure in Motion" circa 1928, signed silvered bronze
Dimensions: 9&1/2 inches high by 11 inches long by 7 inches wide
German circa 1930 "Hercules" unsigned, gilded bronze on anvil shaped marble base
Dimensions: 24 7 1/2 inches high total, marble base alone 6 inches high
Laszlo Schmidmann (Hungarian 1888- 1964) Marble study of female nude signed and dated 1922
Dimensions: Total height 23 inches

Giacomo (Jacques) Merculiano , (Italian,1859-1935) "English Setter on point"
Lost wax bronze cast signed and with LE BLANC BARBEDIENNE et Fils Foundry Seal Paris.

Dimensions: 19inches in length by 10&1/4 inches in height by 5 inches in depth

Francisque (French, circa 1930s) "Faun & Cherub"
Dimensions:10&1/4in high by 11&1/2long
Gustinus Ambrosi (Austrian 1893-1975) "Ecstasy" Highly important first cast signed and dated 1919 by this Viennese master. Sculpture of a nude girl in a state of pleasure and arousal.The plaster of this sculpture can clearly be seen in a photo of the artists studio (image supplied on request).Superb lost wax cast with a lot of hand finishing on the textured surface.
Dimensions: Total height 20 inches by 14 inches in width by 9 inches in depth. (The figure if standing would be approximately 26 inches tall.)
Marble base alone 6 inches in height by 8 inches in width and depth