Luis Albert Carvin (French, early 20th century), signed, bronze
Dimensions: 26in long
Unsigned, European early 20th century bronze of a striding tiger on green marble base
Dimensions: 9&1/2 inches long by 3&1/2 inches high
Karel Dvorak (Czech 1893-1950) "To America" Signed bronze cast in 1960's
Dimensions: Height 5 &1/4 by 9&1/2 inches in length

Marcel Kleine (German 1884- ) A bronze nude with black patination and highlights of gilding to the hairband . This signed bronze is also marked Weimar on the base . Weimar culture flourished between 1918 and 1933 and this bronze cast would have been completed during this period; see ref , Wiemar was considered the  most  important German  movement (including both Arts and Sciences).
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches (Height of base alone 1.5 inches)
Georges Gori ( French early 20th century) " Femme assise et chevreaux" Bronze signed sculpture of a nymph with two kids. Foundry inscription for Lapointe cire perdue, circa 1929.
Georges Gori was a pupil of Injalbert and exhibited in the late 1920's to 1939 at the Salon des Artistes Francais winning numerous honorable mentions including a a gold medal for the Exposition Universelle of 1937

Dimensions: Total length 30.5 inches by 10 &1/2 inches in height by 5 &3/4 inches in width

Illegibly signed bronze sculpture of a Boxer dog dated 1931, possibly either Czech or German.
Dimensions: Total height 9&1/2 inches by 10 &3/4 inches in length
Bernado Balestrieri (Italian 1884 - 1965) "Smiling Child". Bronze sketch of a child on marble base, signed, circa 1930.
Dimensions: Total height 5 &1/4 inches.
Julius Lankas (Czech, 1909-?) signed terracotta nude crca 1930
Dimensions: Total height of sculpture plus base 23 inches by 9 inches in width, height of wooden base alone 1 inch
Paul Aichele (German 1859 -1910) 鮥r㩧ned bronze sculpture circa 1900 of an impressionist mine worker holding a lamp and pickaxe
Dimensions: Height 24 inches
Karel Lidicky (Czech 1900-1976) "Mother and Child" Bronze signed sculpture circa 1936.
Dimensions: Total height 16&1/2 inches.

C.A.M (Czech ,Unidentified). Circa 1944 Czech semi nude freedom fighter raising his fist barefooted holding a rifle. Bronze initialled C.A.M.
Dimensions: Total height 17&1/2 inches.

Josef Bilek (Czech 1896-?) "Shotputter"Signed bronze, circa 1930
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches, height of marble base alone 1&1/2 inches
Hans Muller (German 1874 -1947) "Beethoven" Life size signed bronze bust
Dimensions: Height 17&1/2 inches by 10 inches in length
Vasco Prado ( Brazilian 1914-1998) Bronze cast circa 1960, inscribed with the letters PV. An Etruscan style sculpture with a mid brown patination of a horse and riders.
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches by width 14 inches.
W.Kluck (German 1930's)"Rock Mover" Sculprure in bronze circa 1930, signed.
Dimensions: Height 13.4 inches by  8.6 inches in length.
Edgardo Simone (b. Brindisi Italy 1890, d. 1948 Hollywood California).Bronze bust of a young woman
The son of a Brindisi doctor, Simone studied at the Beaux Arts Academy in Rome from 1906-1913. He  worked in New York, Chicago and California after immigrating from Italy . Signed E.Simone .Foundry markings for Lagana Napoli  Italy.
Dimensions: 12 inches in height
Ferenc Sidlo (Hungarian 1882-1953) Bronze Hungarian gypsy guitarist signed circa 1925.
Dimensions: Height 9 inches
Karel Dvorak (Czech 1893-1950) "Reclining Nude" Signed bronze dated 1938
Dimensions: Length 13&1/2 inches by 8&1/2 inches in height
Felix Benneteau -Desgrois (French 1879-?)"Dance of Fire" with Anna Pavlova and Mikhail Mordkin, bronze circa 1920, signed with Le Blanc Barbedienne lost wax foundry seal
Dimensions: Total height 18 inches high by 7&1/2 inches wide by 27
inches long, marble size 3 inches high by 6&1/2 inches wide by 26& 1/2
inches in length
Ferruccio Crespi (Italian 1861-1891) "In Vedetta" Savoian Cavalry
Lancer, first exhibited 1886 and in 1887 in Florence Venice and Turin
signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions :Length of bronze not including lance 20 &1/2 inches by 17
&1/2 inches high by 10 inches width, Height of marble 11/2 inches
Leon Gobert (Belgian 1869-1935) A Chinese female coal miner. Circa 1904 Bronze signed and inscribed by the J.Petermann Foundry Bruxelles
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches by 13&1/4 inches in length by 4 &1/2 inches wide.
Gustave Van Den Meersche (Belgian 1891-1970) "Stone cutters".Bronze
signed, monogramed  and dated 1920
Dimensions: Height 11 inches by 13 inches in width
French or Austrian Art Nouveau bronze nude on rock circa 1910, unsigned
Dimensions: Length 6&1/2 inches long by 6 inches in height
Hungarian early 20 th century bronze of a seaman steering a boat with
an anchor and ropes laying on the base, illegible signature
Dimensions: 13&3/4 inches high by 10&1/2 inches long
Unsigned Eastern European Socialist Realism sculpture of a female form holding a torch, possibly depicting Liberty. This bronze constructivist sculpture is possibly Romanian or Latvian, circa 1940.
Dimensions: Total height 38 inches.
Georg Grasegger (German 1873-1927) "Die.Arbeit" Bronze Signed sculpture circa 1920 with foundry marks for Brandstetter München. Graseger also designed metalwork for W.M.F and Orivit as well as many major public works including St Michael in the Cathedral of Cologne in 1920.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/4 inches
Czech, Circa 1940"Auto Praga"lead
Dimensions: 5&3/4in long
Alfred (Fred) Hans Voelckerling ( German 1872 -1945 ) A German Expressionist bronze sculpture   "Polospielers" (Polo Players). Signed and marked Dresden. Hans Voelckerling studied at the Dresden School of Applied Arts and later at the Dresden Academy of Fine Art.  In Paris he worked in the studio of French master Emmanuel Frémiet. He also traveled to the United States, England and Scotland.This model was exhibited at the 1928 Olympic games in Amsterdam. Geroge Kolbe, Franz Von Stuck, Ernesto de Fiori, Arno Breker, Gerhard Marcks, William  Wauer, Renee Sintenis and Richard Scheibe were among his competitors from Germany that competed for Olympic Art Medals at the games of 1928.
Hans Voelckerling was highly prolific but few of his works survive as nearly all his work was melted down for the German war effort in the 1930's. During this time his studio was ransacked by the Nazi regime and most of his works were not only melted down but his plaster casts were also destroyed.
Dimensions: Height 13 inches by 11 inches in width by 13 inches in depth.
Ferdinand Lugerth (German, 1885 -1915) "Rock Mover" signed with Arthur Rubenstein Foundry mark , bronze
Dimensions: Total height 8 inches
Jacques Douau (French Circa 1925)   French art deco dinanderie vase in brass with silver metal incrustation and moss green patination.Orientalist scene of two Bedouins and a palm tree.Signed"George 1928" and on the base - Jacques Douau Editions d'Art. Fabrication Francaise - "Made in France"
Dimensions:Height 10&1/2 inches

Eric Ohme ( German, born 1898 in Meissen) " Penguin", gold-brown patina, signed E. Oe, bronze
Dimensions: 5&1/4in high
Richard Thuss (Austrian, 18** -1945.(aka Franz Xaviar Bergman) The golfer Harry Vardon. The bronze  sculpture is unsigned and was cast by the Argentor foundry, Vienna circa 1918
Dimensions: Total height 11 inches.
West German Vase circa 1940s
Dimensions:14&3/4in high
Vienna Bronze inkwell circa 1910. An octopus with tentacles resting on an elaborate sea blue glass surface simulating a rocky pool .The octopus opens to reveal an inkwell .Opposite the octopus is a sleeping mermaid with trailing hair, her tail resting in a pen tray . The reverse of the bronze stamped GESCHUTZT
Dimensions: Length 9 inches by 8 inches in width by 2 inches in height

Dante Zoi (Italian, circa 1900) carrara marble, signed
Dimensions: 20 inches high
Emil Jungblut (German, 1888 - 1949)
" Pierrot", signed, bronze
Dimensions: 14 inches high
Peter Stammen (German 1886-) German Secessionist bronze nude throwing garlands, signed and  inscribed P. Stammen Dorf.
Dimensions: Height 25 inches by width 12 inches.

George Henry Paulin (British, 1888-1962) "Children at Play " signed and dated 1926, bronze
Dimensions: 14 inches high, by 27 inches long, by 12& 1/2 inches deep
August Bischoff (German, 1876-1965) " Amazon", signed bronze with G. M. B. H. Foundry Inscription (Duseldorf Bronze Foundry)
Dimensions: 14 inches high by 17&1/2 inches long
(Italian circa 1900) Alabaster, unsigned " Mignon"
Dimensions: 11 inches high, by 12 inches long

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