W. Slwika (Polish,Circa 1918) , signed W. Slwika, Wien, impressed with the WKC Foundry mark, bronze
Dimensions: 7 inches high by 8& 1/2 inches in length, by 6 inches in depth
Bruno Zach/Franz Mazura (Vienna bronze sculptor circa 1920).  A cold painted bronze semi- nude art deco hoop dancer with her cap and skirt heightened with light blue,silver,olive green  polychromy, signed and very likely a cast from Argentor Wein foundry circa 1920 on an onyx platform base. The same sculpture exists signed by Bruno Zach. It is a possibility that both artists are one and the same.
Dimensions: Total height 10&3/4 inches.
Mario Korbel (Czech/American,1882-1954) "Hilda Beyer"(His wife,the modern dancer) circa 1917, signed, in Carrara marble
Dimensions: 18&1/2 inches high by 9 inches wide
Serge Zelikson (Russian,1890-?) "Panthere Noire en Marche", circa 1925, signed bronze with Chardon foundry stamp
Dimensions: 25 inches long by 9& 3/4 inches high by 6 inches wide
Vincenzo Aurisicchio (Italian, 1855-1926),Two adolescent Neapolitan street musicians, bronze polychrome patina, signed
Dimensions: 9 &1/2 inches long by 7 inches wide by 6 &1/4 inches high 
Primavera stoneware ceramic vase, French art deco design studio for
the Paris department store Printemps, created at the Primavera
Pottery L'Atelier de Ceramique de Sainte-Radegonde, Circa 1925

Dimensions: height 13 inches ,width 12 inches
Eugene Desire Piron (French1875-1928) Bacchanalian Wine Dance, circa 1920. Signed bronze, olive green/brown patinaed figural group on an unusual striated green marble base.
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/2 (includes 1 &1/2 inch marble base) by 10&1/4 in length 
Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet,(Belgian 1880-1940) "Theban Dancer" Silvered and gold polychrome on bronze ,with an inset bronze plaque of Egyptian hieroglyphics. A further side plaque reads "Sympathique souvenir Des Societe Musicales Du Bon Marche a leur President Mr. A.Baget Juillet 1919. Illustrated in Bryan Catley," Art Deco and Other Figures" page 115.
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches by 11 inches in length
Alfred Willhelm Brandel (Austrian 1885-1973)"Brunnen Mit Drei Tanzenden Madchen" (Fountain of theThree Dancing Women) Bronze , signed,A.Brandel,fec and with Made in Germany (this dates fountain to 1934-1943, most likely before 1939), bronze and marble, fully working with 8 water jets Alfred Brandel was trained under the sculptors Hugo Lederer and Otto Scheer, as well as under Eugene Barilot in Paris. Subsequently he lived in Berlin, where he married in 1936. In 1946 he moved into the Villa Blumenthal near Bad Ischl, where he lived until his death in 1973. Brandel executed primarily figures. He experimented with different patinations and the combination of various materials.
Dimensions: Total height 50 inches Total width 20 inches,  heights of 3 figures, 13 to 15 inches, height of Lionhead 3 footed base with octaganol marble top 26 inches, height of fountain and figures alone 24 inches
Thomas Francois Cartier (French 1879-1943)"Tango Erotica" silvered bronze, signed
Dimensions: total height 13&1/2 inches high by 16&1/2 inches in length by 8 inches wide. Height of marble 1&3/4 inches
Ernst Seger (German 1868-1939) "Iron Worker", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: Total height 12& 1/2 inches, height of bronze alone 9 inches, length 8& 1/2 inches
Vienna Bronze Circa 1930 "Marathon Runner" bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 8& 1/2 inches high by 5 inches wide
Victor Rousseau (Belgian, 1865-1954) bronze, circa 1920, on black marble base
Dimensions: 19 inches high by 13&1/2 inches long by 8 inches wide
Max Klinger (German, 1857-1920) A life size bronze sculpture of "Badende"( Bather)  Black / green patinaed bronze .  Signed and with the foundry inscription of H.Gladenbeck & Sohn foundry Berlin and numbered 3.
This sculpture is from an edition of five numbered casts authorized by Max Klinger in 1903,  from the marble original now in the Leipzig Museum he carved in 1898.
The model for the sculpture was Elsa Asenijeff, Max Klinger 's model and his long-standing unofficial companion .
Reference 1. Max Klinger, Bildwerke, Gemalde und Zeichnungen Museum der bildenden Kunste Leipzig 1995 , by Herwig Guratzsch and E.A.Seemann ( Exhibition catalog May 3 rd to July 27 th 1995 ) catalog example A7.
Reference 2.  Max Klinger Auf der Suche nach dem neuman Menschen. E.A. Seemann 2007 page135.  Exhibit number 21. lent by the Dessau Anhaltische Gemaldegalerie inventory number Nr.P.108
(E xhibition celebrating the artists 150th  birthday)
Dimensions: Total height  59 inches (150cm)
Simon Moselsio (Russian /American, 1890-1963) An Art Deco female nude with light golden-olive green/brown patination on the body and with darker patination of the hair. Signed and dated 1921 on a columnar, striated , black , grey and yellow marble base. Superb modelin , very highly detailed first class early cast from either Germany or Austria. Simon Molesio was born in Russia and studied at the Kunstgewerbe Schule, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. He exhibited at the Paris International Exposition of 1921 and also at the New York Worlds Fair of 1939. Moselsio was a regular exhibitor at the Whitney Museum in 1934, 35, 39 and from then on yearly - 1940 to 1950. He also had a one-man exhibitiom at the Brooklyn Museum as well as at many other galleries, including: The Wehe Gallery, Chicago Art Institute, Fleming Museum of Art, The Salons of America 1925 and 1926, Library of Congress, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Worcester Museum of Art and many others.
Dimensions: Total Height 14 inches. ( Height base alone 3.5 inches)
Archimedes Giacomoantonio (American 1905-1988) "Beethoven" Circa 1935 signed bronze sculpture of a monumental Beethoven holding a feather quill pen in his right hand looking downward in a pensive pose. Unique four times life sze cast with foundry marks for The American Art Foundry New York .
Dimensions: Total height 30 inches , 21 &1/2 inches in length by 21 &1/2 inches in depth.
Ferdinand Lugerth (German, 1885 -1915) "Suzanne au bain" Circa 1910 bronze, signed, and with an Wein (Austria) inscribed mark, set on a verde antico marble dish
Dimensions: 19 inches in height by 12 inches in diameter.
Sylvain Kinsburger (French 1855-1935) "The Lullaby". Circa 1891gilded bronze signed sculpture of a Psyche playing a violin to a sleeping child at here feet.
Dimensions: Total height  24&1/2 inches. Height of sculpture alone 22 inches

Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Coy" Gilt
bronze on marble dish, circa 1930. Signed in the bronze .

Dimensions:Total height 9 inches, diameter of marble dish 11 inches
Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Summers
  Day" Silvered bronze with brown heightening to the hair, unsigned, circa
Dimensions:Total height 19&1/2 inches
Julius Pelican (Czech 1887-1969) A circa 1920 painted ceramic cherub holding a shell, the base having a large bunch of grapes.
Dimensions: Height 18&1/2 inches


A.Lowenthal (Austrian, early 20th century) "Nude Gladiator", g ilt bronze male nude, signed and dated 1909, on a Verde Antico marble base
Dimensions: total height 19 inches, height of figure alone 13&1/4 inches
P. Knotz (Austrian early 20th century)  A Circa 1917 bronze female boxer, quite possible a circus or carnival performer. Signed by P.Knotz and inscribed Made in Austria.
Dimensions:13 inches in height by 7 inches in width
Augustin Edme Moreau-Vauthier / (attributed ) / (French 1831-1893)
"Hermes" A superbly modeled and cast unsigned bronze sculpture of the
son of Zeus circa 1880 on an octagonal  marble   base
Dimensions: Total height 13&1/4 inches

Jaroslav Horejc (Czech, 1886-1983) "Amphitrite", signed ,with foundry seal, bronze,possibly cast in the 1960's
Dimensions: 45 inches high
Rudolf Hlavica (Czech, 1897-1971), "Aurora", signed with Franta Anyz Foundry inscription, bronze
Dimensions:14 inches high
Vincenzo Aurisicchio (Italian,1855-1926)," Nude Flower Girl", signed, with Napoli foundry seal, bronze
Dimensions: 13 & 3/4 inches high
Heinz Muller ( German , born 1872) "The Fencer", signed, bronze
Dimensions: 21&1/2in high
Karl Fiala (Austrian)" Jesus and Mary", signed and inscribed Wein ( Vienna), black patinaed bronze with gilt highlights
Dimensions:22 inches high
Spiridon Georgescu (Romanian 1887-1974) "Tigani" Bronze sculpture of a Romanian windswept Roma in a characteristic felt hat, jacket collar raised, cupping a match in his right hand as he lights a cigarette - his left hand holding a match box and raising his coat to shield the flame from the wind. His clothes are tattered and he stands barefoot and with his shirt open to the waist. The sculpture is signed and dated 1925 and has incised foundry marks for Tunatoria- I.Alexe & I.Danila. The present model is an exemplary cast, superbly modeled with a rich brown patina - and is quite possibly unique. In 1907 Spiridon Georgescu traveled to Italy and studied sculpture there but had to return to Bucharest because he ran out of funds. After saving money and working in the architectural sculpture field he returned to Italy in 1911 and lived in Carrara where he first studied at the Academia with the virtuoso sculptor Augusto Polina -- who advised him after a year to continue his studies at the Institute of Fine Arts in Rome under the guidance of Cesare Aurel. After three years of great success he returned to Bucharest. In 1916 Romania entered the war and the artwork of Spiridon Georgescu chronicled the Balkan theater of World War I. In 1919 he exhibited over 25 patinated sculptural plaster works at the Athenaeum Hall in Bucharest. This exhibition was so aclaimed that he won a competition to create a memorial to the Heroes of the Military Engineers' Army of the first Great War. The sculpture was unveiled in June 1929, and is the most important of his many public works. This sculpture is often referred to as "The Lion" -- located at the intersection of Bulevardul Geniului and Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu, across the street from Cotroceni Palace Bucharest and is the most recognizable sculpture in all of Romania. Four life-sized bronze statues represent troops from the Military Engineers' Army and above these presides a statue of a lion --whose front paws trample the barrel of a cannon.The lion symbolizes the majestic endurance of the Romanian Army.
Dimensions: Height 18&3/4 inch by h 8&1/2 inches in width by 7 &1/2 inches in depth.

James Alexander Stevenson (aka Myrander) (English 1881-1937) “The Effort” bronze signed and dated 1930.
Dimensions: Height 23 inches by 18 inches in width.
De Vez French glass vase circa 1910, acid-etched, two color, cased,highly detailed landscape vase with applied bronze foot of four frogs, signed
Dimensions: height 10&1/2 inches
Karl Fiala  (Austrian,1885-?) "Eve and the Serpent", signed, bronze, foundry mark Erzgiesserei Wein
Dimensions: 23 inches high