Franciszek Strynkiewicz, (Polish 1893-1996) “Josef Klemens Pilsudski" This three times life size modernist sculpture was exhibited in Warsaw in 1936. (Bronze sculpture on stone base.)
Dimensions:Total height 28 inches, by 11 inches in width by 15 inches in depth. Height of marble alone 8 inches.
Hugo Lederer ( German, 1871-1940) "Der Fechterbrunnen". The Swordsman by Hugo Lederer is the iconic male sculpture that exists at the Breslau University cast in 1901.  It is said the sculpture was a warning to the students not to gamble as one could be left naked with only one's sword.  The bronze was originally cast in two sizes by The Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin in 1901.  The present model being the smaller of the two Piltzing casts and the larger being used as fountain model in Breslau while the present as a garden sculpture is numbered 5,  with a warm dark green and brown patina. Two later castings were under taken by Gladenbeck foundry in the 1930's but these sizes measured only 15 and 22 inches high and are table top models that have non of the subtlety and softness of the Piltzing originals. The present sculpture is signed HUGO LEDERER and numbered 5 with the inscription symbol for Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin.
Dimensions:Total height 39 inches. Height of bronze alone 36 inches by 12&1/2 inches in depth by 13 inches in width.
Belgian marble base height 3 inches by 10 inchesin depth by 8 inches in width

Hugo Lederer ( German, 1871-1940) " Geigenspieler " . A unique hand carved violin player, signed by the artist in fruit wood circa 1910
Dimensions: Height 25 & 3/4 inches
W.Lachner (Austrian) . A bronze Art Nouveau lamp and working clock Circa 1910 signed W.Lachner with a Latin inscription  "UT CUSPIS SIC VITA FLUIT  DUM STARE VIDETOR" .The bronze clock with two  Art Nouveau female figures standing beneath a tree like form enclosing a lamp that illuminates  a recessed clock movement with gilded hands and numbers The bronze edges and surface covered with leaves and branches.
Dimensions: Height 12&1/2 inches by 7 inches in width by 4&1/2 inches in depth.

Charles Korschann (Czech 1872-1943) Art Nouveau signed bronze figural lamp circa 1910. Signed and with foundry seal for Louchet, Paris. The semi nude figure stands with a sheet hanging from her waist, her left hand at her face in a pose of thoughtful contemplation as she looks downward, typical of Korschann's slightly perverse style of sculpture. Original lamp sockets are present on the sculptures bronze harp, encrusted with the same matching flowers as on the base of the bronze. (A simple tubular linen fold shade would be the correct shade for this lamp) .
Dimensions: Total height of lamp is 30 inches. Height of bronze sculpture alone is 20 inches.

Carl Neuhaus (German 1881-) "Diana Queen of the Amazons" Signed and dated 1919 with Dusseldorf (his home town) on the base.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/4 inches 14 &1/4 inches in length
Maurice Lebeau (French 1885-1961) "Panther". Large Bronze sculpture circa 1920. Foundry J. Lamy Paris.
Dimensions: Height 11 inches by 22&1/2 inches in length by 6&1/2 inches in width

Franta Anyz (Czech 1876-1934)"Frolicking and Drunken Baby Satyrs", signed bronze figural group surmounting a bronze and marble inkwell (Franta Anyz was the most important Czech foundry at the turn of the century )
Dimensions: Bronze length 12 inches by 5 inches in width by 6&1/2 inches high, the marble is 14 inches long by 9 inches wide
Franz Irsara (German 1942-) " Bierkeller " Late 1950's early 60's signed carved wood relief sculpture of a bar scene in the modernist style. Dimensions: Height 13 & 1/2 inches by 18&3/4 inches in length by 2 inches in depth
Czech 1930's Art Deco bronze table lamp of a female nude riding a dolphin
on a two sectional marble base with contemporary hand made mica shade.
Dimensions Total height 31 inches .Height of bronze figure and marble
base alone 17&1/4 inches
Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (Hungarian, 1884 -1975) "The Boxer" bronze signed and dated 1926 with foundry dedication, on marble base
Dimensions: total height 15 inches, height of base alone 3&3/4 inches
A beaten copper Austrian Secessionist wall decoration depicting a stylized female form looking upward at a Phoenix rising, circa 1920
Dimensions:Height 34inches by 26 inches in width (Frame width 3 &1/2 inches
Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (Hungarian 1884-1975)"The Bather" bronze signed and dated 1911 with foundry seal, on marble base
Dimensions: Total height 17&1/2 inches

Prof Rudolf Marschall (Austrian 1873-1967) Bronze signed Art Nouveau
(Jugendstil) table lamp circa 1915 of a maiden picking roses, the
unsigned moulded glass shade with butterflies and flowers (shade not
original to lamp. Most of Marschall's lamps incorporate a simple linen
cloth shade )

Dimensions Height including glass shade 14&1/2 inches
Monogrammed ES with intertwined letters  and dated  1929 ( possibly German). Impressionist cold painted bronze sculpture of a llama
Dimensions : Total height 8 &3/4 inches by length 7&1/4 inches.

Josef Lorenzl (Austrian, 1892-1950), "Scarf Dancer", Signed polychrome bronze on onyx base with traces of enameled floral decoration by Crejo.
Dimensions: 14&3/4 inches high

Early 20 th Century European unsigned bronze life-size bust of a young boy (possibly German)
Dimensions: Total height 17&1/2 inches, Height of marble base alone, 4 inches (marble base is a period replacement).

Clement Leopold Steiner (Austrian 1853-1899) " Cat Toy", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 18 & 1/2 inches high
**aysan (Austrian). A circa 1920's table lamp of a foundry worker holding an elaborate solid, etched glass globe of the world. signed in the polychrome bronze  and with foundry mark of a K within a horseshoe
Dimensions: Total height 13 inches.

Francesco De Matteis ( Italian1852-1917) A rare, circa 1900, model by Neapolitan sculpor De Matteis of a young woman carrying wine vessels as she walks down a staircase in a provocative pose. De Matteis was a widely collected sculptor whose works depicted Southern Italian portrayals of daily life. Signed.
Dimensions : Height 22&1/2 inches.
Julius Gyula Maugsh (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Awakening", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 15 inches high
Hermann Eichberg (German, circa 1910) antique "Blind Justice", signed, finely detailed  bronze figure of blindfolded 'Justice' holding an ornate sword and scales, mounted on a dark brown/green columnar marble base.
Dimensions: Total height  11 & 1/2 inches.,
Note : Hermann Eichberg also made a smaller hood ornament  version of this sculpture in bronze that sold at Bonhams automobilia auction in Paris 2010 ( lacking scales) for $5,500
A pair of unsigned circa 1935 bronze Mallard ducks on marble bases
Dimensions: The larger of the two has a total height of 8 inches by 9 inches in length. The smaller of the two has a total height 6&1/2 inches by 11 inches in length.
Dezso Lanyi (Hungarian, 1879-1951) "King Charles Spaniel" signed and dated 1920, bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 7 inches long by 4inches high by 4 inches wide
Mihaly Biro (Hungarian 1886-1948) Bronze sculpture of a worker pushing a 1000 volt fuse with company logo for "Tovarna na kable .spol Bratislava". The company was founded in 1923 This sculpture is possibly from 1928-1929.
Signed and set on a period black glass base and with company marks.
Dimensions: Total length 8&1/2 inches by 3&1/4 inches in width
Gerhard Schliepstein (German 1886-1963) Bronze signed sculpture of an Architect studying plans, Gladenbeck foundry marks.
Dimensions: Total height 11&1/2 inches.
Lucien Charles Alliot (French 1877-1967)"La Source", Signed Art Nouveau Circa 1910 gilded and polychromed bronze sculpture
Dimensions: height 12&1/2 inches, width7 &1/4 inches, depth 2 &1/4 inches
Franz Iffland (German 1862-1935)"The Smith",bronze signed with Kraas Berlin foundry seal
Dimensions: 13&1/2 inches high
Karel Gabriel (Czech 1884 -?) "Jan Hus" (Czech Philosopher) Bronze cast circa 1910 with dedication. plaque on the marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 24 inches. Height of bronze alone 15 inches.
Rudolf Kuchler (Austrian 1867-) "Leban ist Arbeit" (Life is Work) Bronze sculpture on marble base
Dimensions: Total height24 inches, height of marble alone 4 inches
S. Schwalenberg (German,work dates 1898-1922 ) in bronze. Dimensions: 19&3/4 inches long by 7&3/4 inches wide
Bedrich Stefan ( Czech, 1896 - 1982) Bronze Bugatti racing car circa 1920s, signed Stefan, marked B. S. 1/5
Dimensions: 29 X 13.8 inches (the car is 25 inches long)
German or French (early 20th century) " Deco Sparrows", unsigned, bronze
Dimensions: 5&3/4in high, 5in wide

Carl Kauba (Austrian 1856-1922) "The Cardiologist" Superb early cast circa 1890, signed and with many colours of polychromy.
Dimensions: Total height 12&1/2 inches, height of marble base alone 4 inches
Joseph Motto (American 1889-1965) " Head of a young woman" Signed Bronze sculpture circa 1929. A similar sculpture is illustrated on page 32 of The Cleveland Museum of Art Exhibition Catalogue of Joseph Motto of an example belonging to Mary Motto Robertson.
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2  inches, width 6 inches. Height of marble 2 inches
Art Nouveau (Austrian Circa 1910) "Young Girl" Carved fruit wood
Dimensions: Total height 12 inches, height of head alone 8 inches
Josef Mullner (Austrian1879-1968) "Kronos and Philyra", monumental bronze sculpture signed and dated 1919. Foundry mark Erzgiesserei A.G. Wein
Dimensions: 37inches in height by 20inches in width by 11&1/2inches in depth