Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet,(Belgian 1880-1940) "Theban Dancer" Silvered and gold polychrome on bronze ,with an inset bronze plaque of Egyptian hieroglyphics. A further side plaque reads "Sympathique souvenir Des Societe Musicales Du Bon Marche a leur President Mr. A.Baget Juillet 1919. Illustrated in Bryan Catley," Art Deco and Other Figures" page 115.
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches 11 inches in length
Marcel Kleine (German 1884- ) A bronze nude with black patination and highlights of gilding to the hairband . This signed bronze is also marked Weimar on the base . Weimar culture flourished between 1918 and 1933 and this bronze cast would have been completed during this period; see ref , Wiemar was considered the  most  important German  movement (including both Arts and Sciences).
Dimensions: Total height 14 inches (Height of base alone 1.5 inches)

Matthias Bechtold (German 1886-1940) A highly unusual and sexually charged bronze sculpture of a lascivious satyr, flicking his tongue in erotic abandon as he gazes into the eyes of a rapturous nymph. He cups her breast in his left hand, while cracking her thigh with his right hand as he mounts her from the rear. The nymph gazes upward while tightly clasping the satyr's right ear and pulling him downward in erotic abandon.
Signed and dated 1919.
Dimensions : Total height 10 inches by 10 inches in width.

Bruno Zach/Franz Mazura (Vienna bronze sculptor circa 1920).  A cold painted bronze semi- nude art deco hoop dancer with her cap and skirt heightened with light blue,silver,olive green  polychromy, signed and very likely a cast from Argentor Wein foundry circa 1920 on an onyx platform base. The same sculpture exists signed by Bruno Zach. It is a possibility that both artists are one and the same.
Dimensions: Total height 10&3/4 inches.
Otto Gutfreund (Czech 1889-1927)"Lovers", signed, bronze (cast 1925-1927)
Dimensions: 11& 3/4 inches long by 7& 1/4 inches wide by 5& 1/2 inches high
Marcel Rau ( Belgian 1886-1966) Monumental, twice life size bronze garden sculpture of a seated nude in the long grass. Signed and dated (19)21 and quite possibly cast by "Compagnie des Bronzes de Bruxelles" with a green verdigris patination.  Rau was the winner of the Prix de Rome in 1908 and the present sculpture is similar to "Maternite" at the Musee des Beaux -Arts in Tournai (but without the child).
Marcel Rau was the son of an architect and related to Victor Horta. He studied sculpture and architecture at the "Académie des Beaux-Arts of Brussels" (1903-1909). As member of the "Académie Royale de Belgique". Marcel Rau was one of the guiding lights of early twentieth century Belgian sculpture, completing many architectural sculptures and bronze medals and he made important contributions to the 'renaissance' of decorative arts in Belgium. His sculpture can be found at the "Université Libre de Belgique" (ULB) and at the Belgian National Bank, and a series of commemorative war monuments in Halle, Beloeil, Ostend, Thimister, Ninove and Elsene. His work has been preserved in Museums throughout the world including those in Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Rome and in the Botanical Gardens of Saint Louis Missouri USA.
Dimensions: 40 inches in height by 45 inches in length by 22 inches in width.
Alexandre Kelety (Hungarian died-1940) "Tango Dancers". Rare bronze lamp of a couple dancing on an illuminated bronze lamp. The bronze dancers with a copper patina and gold dinanderie designed motifs. The bronze lamp totally covered with a black-green patina and dinanderie gold circular motifs enclosing four art glass panels circa 1920 set on a Belgian black marble base.
A similar sculpture was by sold Sotheby's London, 27 th February 1981. Lot 460
Dimensions: Total height 19&1/2 inches, by 16 inches in width, by 4 inches in depth
Carl Neuhaus (German 1881-) "Diana Queen of the Amazons" Signed and dated 1919 with Dusseldorf (his home town) on the base.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/4 inches 14 &1/4 inches in length
Milan Havlíček (Czech 1873-1917) unsigned Art Nouveau jardiniere depicting 2 groups of lovers in amorous poses
Dimensions: Height 5 inches by 13 inches in length by 9 inches in depth.
Louis-Ernest Barrias (French 1841-1905) “La Dance” An allegorical figure of   music and dance.   A rare bronze sculpture signed E.Barrias circa 1880, the base inscribed Susse Fres Edit Paris and also with foundry seal and a stamped letter P   underneath the foundry seal.  
Dimensions: Total height 19&3/4 inches by 16&3/4 inches in width.
Hugo Lederer ( German, 1871-1940) "Der Fechterbrunnen". The Swordsman by Hugo Lederer is the iconic male sculpture that exists at the Breslau University cast in 1901.  It is said the sculpture was a warning to the students not to gamble as one could be left naked with only one's sword.  The bronze was originally cast in two sizes by The Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin in 1901.  The present model being the smaller of the two Piltzing casts and the larger being used as fountain model in Breslau while the present as a garden sculpture is numbered 5,  with a warm dark green and brown patina. Two later castings were under taken by Gladenbeck foundry in the 1930's but these sizes measured only 15 and 22 inches high and are table top models that have non of the subtlety and softness of the Piltzing originals. The present sculpture is signed HUGO LEDERER and numbered 5 with the inscription symbol for Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin.
Dimensions:Total height 39 inches. Height of bronze alone 36 inches by 12&1/2 inches in depth by 13 inches in width.
Belgian marble base height 3 inches by 10 inchesin depth by 8 inches in width
Carl Kauba (Austrian 1865-1922) "Judith". Bronze sculpture on marble base. The bronze is signed C.Thenn and has a copyright seal for Thenn Austria . We have had  this sculpture signed by C. Kauba. Note: Carl Kauba and Karl Thenn are the same person. Well detailed Austrian Vienna bronze with  an acid patina to the body parts and red brown clothing and a dark green/black/brown base.
Dimensions: Total height 10 inches.
Gustinus Ambrosi (Austrian 1893-1975) "Ecstasy" Highly important first cast signed and dated 1919 by this Viennese master. Sculpture of a nude girl in a state of pleasure and arousal.The plaster of this sculpture can clearly be seen in a photo of the artists studio (image supplied on request).Superb lost wax cast with a lot of hand finishing on the textured surface.
Dimensions: Total height 20 inches by 14 inches in width by 9 inches in depth. (The figure if standing would be approximately 26 inches tall.)
Marble base alone 6 inches in height by 8 inches in width and depth

Max Schwedler, active in Vienna in 1920-1930s. Art Deco bronze figure of a male nude, bending a bow,  signed and dated 1929 on the base, stamped in German: " Wiener Gesellschaft von Freunden der Kleinplastiken"(Vienna Society of Friends of Small Sculptures).
Dimensions Height 10&1/4 inches by length 9 inches
Nikolaus Friedrich (German 1865-1914)"Amazon Fastening Her
Sandal" Signed bronze sculpture dated "09
Dimensions:Total Height13 &1/2 inches, height of bronze alone 10&1/2 inches
Amedeo Gennarelli (Italian Early 20th century) "The Carrier Pigeon" Silvered bronze sculpture on black Belgian marble base Circa 1920
Dimensions: Total height 33 &3/4 inches,.Height of bronze alone 22 &1/2 inches by 14 &3/4 inches in width
Josef Lorenzl (Austrian, 1892-1950), "Scarf Dancer", Signed polychrome bronze on onyx base with traces of enameled floral decoration by Crejo.
Dimensions: 14&3/4 inches high
K.Salat. (Austrian pseudonym for Bruno Zach 1891-1945) "Exotic Dancer". High quality Vienna bronze cast circa 1925 of a scantily dressed lady in stockings, high heeled shoes, bloomers and a pom - pom decorated chemise night dress -- dancing in reckless abandon. Her hair is decorated with an over-sized bow and pom-poms. This sculpture has a 2 color acid patina and gold painted highlights. (Several signed bronze Bruno Zach sculptures can alternatively be found in the same model with versions signed K.Salat -- especially orientalist inspired erotica.)
Signed SALAT in the bronze, stamped Austria and set on dark variegated green/black marble columnar base.
Dimensions: Total height 17 &1/4 inches
Benedikt (Czech early 20th century)"Invocation" Bronze nude signed and dated 1920 on turned wood sockle
Dimensions: Total height 10&1/2 inches, Height of bronze alone 8&1/2
Simon Moselsio (Russian /American, 1890-1963) An Art Deco female nude with light golden-olive green/brown patination on the body and with darker patination of the hair. Signed and dated 1921 on a columnar, striated , black , grey and yellow marble base. Superb modelin , very highly detailed first class early cast from either Germany or Austria. Simon Molesio was born in Russia and studied at the Kunstgewerbe Schule, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. He exhibited at the Paris International Exposition of 1921 and also at the New York Worlds Fair of 1939. Moselsio was a regular exhibitor at the Whitney Museum in 1934, 35, 39 and from then on yearly - 1940 to 1950. He also had a one-man exhibitiom at the Brooklyn Museum as well as at many other galleries, including: The Wehe Gallery, Chicago Art Institute, Fleming Museum of Art, The Salons of America 1925 and 1926, Library of Congress, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Worcester Museum of Art and many others.
Dimensions: Total Height 14 inches. (Height base alone 3.5 inches)
Adrien Etienne Gaudez (French, 1845-1902) Bronze allegorical figure of invention and literature listing Edison, Archimede, Hugo, Pasteur and others. Signed bronze circa 1880
Dimensions: Total height 16 inches
L. Eisenberger (German act 1890-1930) Cold painted bronze of a standing nude
Dimensions: Height 17 inches.

Joseph Motto (American 1889-1965) "Adolescence" Bronze sculpture exhibited in1930 at The Cleveland Museum of Art. Signed and stamped made in Austria wi th numbers 10119
Dimensions : Total height 16 inches, height of marble 2 inches

Jean-Baptiste Belloc ( French born in Parniers 1863 -1919 Paris ) "Eve après le pêché " (Eve after the fall / sin) . A possibly unique bronze studio sketch model of Eve with incised signature of J. B.Belloc and foundry inscription for Leon Perzinka -Fondeur. Superb multi colored patina with evidence of artist's original pencil measurements indicating this as a possibly unique maquette design for a larger work.  Jean-Baptiste Belloc was a student of Marius Mercie and was well known for his orientalist and allegorical sculptures. Some of his exhibited and noted works are Cavalier marocain, Arabe sur un cheval cabre, Portrait of Ali Muddat ibn al-Husayn, Le méhariste triomphant, Mille et une nuits, Jeune bergère et agneau, Le mercenaire a la lance and Je changerai l'épée en un soc de charrue. As a  regular exhibitor at the Paris Salons in the 1880's and a teacher at the École Impériale Spéciale de Dessin et de Mathématiques (called La Petite École), Belloc taught Auguste Rodin. The Leon Perzinka foundry was situated in Versailles and became a favored foundry for Auguste Rodin's monumental works from as early as 1886 (Rodin's Fugit Amor) to 1901, including the Burghers of Calais and smaller sculptures including  Trois Sirènes, La Vague and Nature. The Perzinka foundry cast unique pieces for their client sculptors, unlike their competition who had foundries in Paris.
In the exotic gardens of Bir-Hakiem in the town of Perpignan stands one of Belloc's larged works - "Le printemps et Bacchus" a 5.5 meter high marble fountain carved in 1899
Dimensions: Height 13&1/2 inches by 6&1/2 inches in width by 5&1/4 inches in depth
Eugène Marioton (French 1854-1933) “Femme Jouant de la Double-Flute.” Bronze signed sculpture circa 1890.
Dimensions: Height 32 inches by 16&1/2 inches in width, diameter of base 6&3/4 inches.
Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (Hungarian, 1884 -1975) "The Boxer" bronze signed and dated 1926 with foundry dedication, on marble base
Dimensions: total height 15 inches, height of base alone 3&3/4 inches

Bohumír Frantisek Antonín Cermak (Czech1882 -1961) " Die Sünde "  (The Sin) ( Eve). The present sculpture is inspired by the works of his mentor and teacher, Austrian symbolist artist Otto Wagner (1841-1918), and by Gustav Klimt (1862-1918). It also bears considerable similarity to certain symbolist sculptures and works by Franz Von Stuck (1863 - 1928).

High quality cast bronze sculpture of Eve, with gilded hair, her body in antique brown and also with applied gilding to her anklets. Her head is encircled with a dark brown/black snake with dark green highlights and decorative markings. Artists signature inscribed and illegible date (either19 '07 or 19 '04),  and with full foundry marks and stamps for Bedrich Bendelmayer of Prague, the premier caster and founder in Prague of fine art sculpture from the late 19th and early 20th century.

There are many design elements in the snake's markings similar to metal work details created by this artist in his works dating to around 1910. Bohumír Cermak's work before the First World War demonstrated principles of Viennese Modernism. He followed in the footsteps of Josef Hoffmann and the Wiener Werkstätte. After returning to the Czech Republic he founded  The Cermak Handicraft Workshop in Brno (1910). His studio designed ceramics and unusual metal work in the secessionist style. Cermak was also an architect of  buildings (notably the Brno Exhibition Centre). He was also involved in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including the United States. The city of Brno is the second largest city after Prague in Czech Republic and has always been a hot bed for artists called"Moravians". Brno was the first city at the turn of the 20th century to be connected directly by rail to Vienna . Dimensions: Height 25.5 inches or 65.5 cm

Josef Mullner (Austrian1879-1968) "Kronos and Philyra", monumental bronze sculpture signed and dated 1919. Foundry mark Erzgiesserei A.G. Wein
Dimensions: 37inches in height by 20inches in width by 11&1/2inches in depth
Laszlo Janos Beszedes (Hungarian 1874 -1922), "Joseph the Slave of Arimathea", Circa 1908, signed, bronze  
Dimensions: 20 inches high
Charles Korschann (Czech 1872-1943) Art Nouveau signed bronze figural lamp circa 1910. Signed and with foundry seal for Louchet, Paris. The semi nude figure stands with a sheet hanging from her waist, her left hand at her face in a pose of thoughtful contemplation as she looks downward, typical of Korschann's slightly perverse style of sculpture. Original lamp sockets are present on the sculptures bronze harp, encrusted with the same matching flowers as on the base of the bronze. (A simple tubular linen fold shade would be the correct shade for this lamp) .
Dimensions: Total height of lamp is 30 inches. Height of bronze sculpture alone is 20 inches.
A 1930's Austrian Stylized dancer by Rätb, signed in the bronze
Dimensions: Total height 9&1/2 inches, height of marble alone 1&1/2 inches
Marius Mars-Vallet (French 1869-1957) "Sarah Bernhardt as Theodora " Circa 1900 bronze sculpture with multi coloured polychrome patinas, signed and with the foundry seal for Frederic Goldscheider Paris, cire perdue
Dimensions: Total height 13&3/4 inches by  7&1/2 inches in width and 4 &1/2 inches in depth
A fine and rare LouisXVI style French onyx marble mantel clock from the late 18 th century or early 19 th century." Diane chasseresse au repos." The onyx clock inset with ormolu plaques cast with playful putti, the edges with scrolling gilded acanthus leaves and pine cones and other gilded bronze devises. foliate mounts, raised on bun feet. The onyx dial carved and gilded incised Roman numerals, with the maker Maison Marnyhac 48 Blvd de l'Opera further incised on the dial. The Marnyhac foundry (founded circa 1850) worked closely with Jean-Baptiste Clesinger (1814-1883). The bronze sculpture of Diana rests atop the clock latching her sandal with the crescent moon in her hair is quite possibly a sculpture by this artist, although unsigned.
Dimensions. Total height 21 inches, by19 &1/2 inches in length by 9 &1/2 inches in width
Reinhold Boeltzig (German 1863-1928) "Reifenwerferin" Bronze sculpture from 1900. Signed and with foundry inscription for Gladenbeck . (A similar model but not identical was edited by Meissen in 1909 Model.A 235)
Dimensions: Total height 16&1/2 inches. Height of marble alone 5&1/2 inches.
Vienna bronze nude of young woman caressing her breast circa 1930 on a stepped marble base, unsigned.
Dimensions: Total height 12&1/4 inches. Height of bronze alone 9&3/4 inches
Felix Benneteau -Desgrois (French 1879-?)"Dance of Fire" with Anna Pavlova and Mikhail Mordkin, bronze circa 1920, signed with Le Blanc Barbedienne lost wax foundry seal
Dimensions: Total height 18 inches high by 7&1/2 inches wide by 27
inches long, marble size 3 inches high by 6&1/2 inches wide by 26& 1/2
inches in length
Charles William Ayton (American Born around 1879) "O-kiku-san" Madame Chrysantheme.   Ayrton was an American sculptor from St Louis MO, Studied in Paris and exhibited at the 1904 Great Exhibition of St Louis.  This bronze is inspired by the exotic book Madame Chrysantheme by Pierre Loti of 1887 . Superb green/ brown patina, signed and inscribed Paris and with foundry marks for Barbedienne Fondeur.
Dimensions: Height 17 inches by 11 inches in width
Louis Tuaillon (German 1862-1919) "Hercules wrestling the Erymanthian Boar". Early circa 1901 bronze sculpture from the plaster sketch. Similar versions in The Kunsthale Museum Bremen and in The Darmstadt Museum for the life size version that stands today in the Lutzowplatz Berlin.
Signed and with foundry marks for Martin & Piltzing Berlin, the first foundry to cast this sculpture in bronze.
Dimensions: Total height 19&1/4 inches by 16 inches in length by 7&1/2 inches in width
German circa 1930 "Hercules" unsigned, gilded bronze on anvil shaped marble base
Dimensions: 24 7 1/2 inches high total, marble base alone 6 inches high

Ferdinand Lugerth (German, 1885 -1915) "Suzanne au bain" Circa 1910 bronze, signed, and with an Wein (Austria) inscribed mark, set on a verde antico marble dish
Dimensions: 19 inches in height by 12 inches in diameter.
Jean Francois Theodore Gechter (French 1797-1844) A pair of rare bronzes circa 1850, allegorical figures in the classical manner. One figure is signed.
Dimensions: Height of each bronze is 14 &1/2 inches
Jean Francois Theodore Gechter (French 1797-1844) A pair of rare bronzes circa 1850, allegorical figures in the classical manner. One figure is signed
Dimensions: Height of each bronze is 14 &1/2 inches

Jan Vitezslav Dusek (Czech 1891-1966) 'Sokol Athlete" Historically important bronze sculpture.  Signed, dated 1924, and with the city of Tabor inscribed, also bearing the foundry marks for Franta Anyz. This sculpture commemorates the Sokol athletic meeting of 1924 in the city of Tabor, Dusek's home town and where he built his studio in 1922.  Sokol is the Czech word for Falcon, inspiring the present bronze --showing an athlete about to soar from the top step of a podium. Dusek, the city of Tabor's  favored sculptor, created this sculpture for the event. Sokol was founded in 1862 and played an important part in the development of Czech Nationalism by providing a forum for the spread of mass-based nationalist ideologies. The Sokol movement consciously traced its roots in physical education to the athletes and warriors of ancient Greece. In 1926 this sculpture was exhibited at the XV. Esposizione Internationale d'Arte della Città di Venezia , exhibit  number 1077.
Dimensions: Total height 41inches  by 32 inches in width
Jan Vitezslav Dusek (Czech 1891-1966) "Hercules" Monumental bronze sculpture circa 1925 signed and with foundry marks for Franta Anyz. Dusek studied in Vienna in 1914 and in the early 1920's at the Academie de la grand Chaumiere Paris. He also studied with Emile Antoine Bourdelle in Paris before returning to Prague in 1924. Art competitions were held as part of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Medals were awarded in five categories, architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture , for works inspired by sport-related themes. Jan Vitezslav Dusek chose perhaps his most iconic work the present sculpture of  “Hercules” for consideration in this prestigious competition.  In 1936 this sculpture was exhibited at the Berlin Olympics exhibit number 864. There are 3 photos in existence of this "Hercules" sculpture during the period when it was exhibited at the 1936 Olympics and was photographed there by Dusek's lifelong friend, Czech photographer Josef Jindrich. (Both Dusek and Jindrich attended the Berlin Olympics in 1936).  A link is included below to the web page where the three 1936 photos of Hercules at the Berlin Exhibition can be viewed .
Dimensions:Total height 44 inches, by 19 inches in length, by 6 &1/2 inches in width
Adolf Muller-Crefeld (German 1863- 1934) "The Reaper", circa 1930 bronze signed and inscribed Berlin on marble base with a period presentation plaque.
Dimensions: Total height 21 inches