Professor J Tuch (German ?  -1945)  "Gladiator"  A circa 1915 bronze sculpture with green and gilt cold painted patination with the foundry stamp for Argentor Wein.and signed Prf. Tuch (also known as Bruno Zach). Signed on the bronze base, set on black marble with white and gold striations.
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches.
Gerhard Schliepstein (German 1886-1963) Bronze signed sculpture of an Architect studying plans, Gladenbeck foundry marks.
Dimensions: Total height 11&1/2 inches.

Paul Ludwig Kowalczewski (German 1865-1910)  The Seduction of Danae . Unsigned bronze sculpture without a base.
Dimensions: Width 11 inches by7 &1/2 inches in height by 7 &1/4 inches in depth.

Dominique Alonzo (attributed)( French early 20th Century ) Student of Falguire and a frequent exhibitor at the Paris Salon. A large and rare bronze and ivory group depicting Pan and a Muse. Pan sit slasciviously gazing at a female Bacchanalian figure holding a bunch of grapes dancing in front of him, the base strewn with fruit and a basket.  Foundry registration number typical of Alonzo sculptures. Gold patination.
Dimensions: Total height 14 & 1/2 inches by 12 inches in width by 8 inches in depth.

Franz Xaviar Bergman (Vienna, Austria1865- 1953)  "Just Fur You" The sculpture comes into two versions; one movable version that is not so rare, and the present version which is the very rare and extremely hard to find  mechanical model. By moving the bow in her hair a latch releases the coat - which springs open, revealing a nude lady , conducting the worlds oldest profession. This sculpture (circa 1910) is signed Austria, and is in original working condition and has the original multi-colored polychrome patination. 
Dimensions: Total height 8 &1/2 inches.

Rinaldo Carnielo (Italian 1853-1910) "Lucifero and Faunessa", bronze signed and dated 1879, Unique bronze cast.
Dimensions: Length 35 &1/2 inches, by 20 inches in width, by 14 inches in height

Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Summers
  Day" Silvered bronze with brown heightening to the hair, unsigned, circa
Dimensions:Total height 19&1/2 inches
Czech Iron Art Deco sculpture of a bathing beauty. Iron art deco sculpture signed CKD, circa 1930.  Českomoravská–Kolben–Daněk – ČKD was established in 1927 by merging with První českomoravská továrna to stroje Breitfeld-Daněk in Prague .
Dimensions:Total height 13 inches.
Paul Sturm (German 1859-1936) . A very rare and unusual signed and dated (1927) Majolica glazed earthenware figural sculpture entitled "Tritonen". The sculpture is  modeled as a lascivious Triton and a (sea nymph) Nereid.
Paul Sturm studied sculpture at the Academy of Beaux-Arts in both Lyon and Leipzig and also studied  in Munich, Zurich  and  Lausanne.  He was a sculptor, medalist, stone and wood cutter from Leipzig and a close friend of Carl Friedrich Chun, the marine biologist. Sturm created the ceramic sculpture of  sea creatures and nymphs commemorating Chun's undersea voyages of  1898-1899. From 1908 to 1919 Paul Sturm  was the Professor for sculpture at the Dresden State Academy before Sturm moved to Berlin.
Examples of Sturm's  works are  illustrated in the Kunst and Decoration Volume 27 1910 of Werner Weigand and Klausen Kass. Other known sculptures by Sturm are of Richard Wagner and Albert Konig. The Kunstsammlungen Museum in Chemnitz has an example of Sturm's works in their sculpture collection -- an important collection of European sculpture with over 200 examples ( which also includes works by Rodin, Kolbe, Maillol, Degas, Barlach, Blumenthal, de Fiori, Lehmbruck, Marcks, Minne, and von Stuck). "The Studio  (An  Illlustrated Magazine of  Fine and Applied Art)" Vol 40 of  1907 also depicts examples of works by Paul Sturm.
Dimensions: Length 22 inches by width 10 inches by height 10 inches
Jean-Baptiste Clesinger (Atributed) (French 1814-1883). Reclining semi -nude woman resting on an urn . The bronze signed Gautier editeur.
Dimensions: Length 12&1/2 inches by 7 &3/4 in height by 6&1/2 inches in width

Circa 1851 bronze sculpture of Lucretia with foundry signature for Thiebaut Frères. Cast Second half of the 19th century.
Victor Thiébaut established a foundry devoted to works of art in 1851. At the beginning, they cast raw bronzes that they gave to Barbedienne or other founders to finish. Then Victor Thiébaut went into patrnership with various famous sculptors: David d'Angers, Carpeaux, Falguière, Carrier-Belleuse, Paul Dubois or Pradier.  In 1898, Rodin signed a contract with this company regarding the casting of two of his works in different sizes: /Saint John the Baptist /and /Triumphant youth/. In 1901, Victor Thiébaut sold the firm to Gasne and retired.
Dimensions: Height 12 inches by 15 &1/2 inches in length by 6 inches in width.
Géza Hiesz Szentesi (Hungarian1896-1975) Bronze sculpture signed and dated 1920.
Dimensions: Height 23 inches by 15 inches in width, Diameter of base 8&3/4 inches
Franz Siefert (Austrian 1866-1951) “The Counter Punch” Bronze sculpture on marble base, 1921
Dimensions. Height 16&3/4 inches.
Johann Wolfgang Elischer (Austrian 1891-1996) Elischer was born in Vienna and trained at the Academy of Vienna from 1908 to 1911 and was an Associate of the Royal Academy Vienna.  He won the Prix de Rome in 1909.  Elischer later studied in Paris (1910-1911) under August Rodin, then he migrated to Australia in 1935. The present superbly cast bronze is of a young provocative semi nude woman. Signed and with Vienna foundry marks

Dimensions Total height including the period onyx base is 10&1/2 inches.
Hanus Folkmann (Czech 1876-1936) A monumental twice life size allegorical male nude.Signed and dated also with foundry marks for BT . Srpek of  Brandeis an der Elbe Bohemia, but now the Czech Republic. Hanus Folkmann and Stanislav Sucharda (1866-1916) created the sculptures for the main railway station in Prague from 1901 to 1909. The bronze is signed and dated 1909.
Dimensions : Height 53 inches by length 50 inches by width 23 inches
Otto Schmidt-Hofer (German 1873-1925) "Nude Fountain Figure" Signed and cold painted bronze nude atop a carved marble base to hold water and flowers as a table centrepiece, circa 1915.
Dimensions :Total height including marble base 18 inches, height of
figure alone 11&1/2 inches, Diameter of marble base 14 inches
Sylvain Kinsburger (French 1855-1935) "The Lullaby". Circa 1891gilded bronze signed sculpture of a Psyche playing a violin to a sleeping child at here feet.
Dimensions: Total height  24&1/2 inches. Height of sculpture alone 22 inches
Johann Philipp Ferdinand (Fritz) Preiss (German, 1882 -1943) "Coy" Gilt
bronze on marble dish, circa 1930. Signed in the bronze .

Dimensions:Total height 9 inches, diameter of marble dish 11 inches
Rudolf Kuchler (Austrian 1867-) "Leban ist Arbeit" (Life is Work) Bronze sculpture on marble base
Dimensions: Total height24 inches, height of marble alone 4 inches
James Alexander Stevenson (aka Myrander) (English 1881-1937) “The Effort” bronze signed and dated 1930.
Dimensions: Height 23 inches by 18 inches in width.
Augustin Edme Moreau-Vauthier / (attributed ) / (French 1831-1893)
"Hermes" A superbly modeled and cast unsigned bronze sculpture of the
son of Zeus circa 1900 on an octagonal  marble   base
Dimensions: Total height 13&1/4 inches

Victor Rousseau (Belgian, 1865-1954) bronze, circa 1920, on black marble base
Dimensions: 19 inches high by 13&1/2 inches long by 8 inches wide
Karoly Szekely (Hungarian 1882-1942)" Toilete de Venus", signed and dated 1931, bronze on pink marble base
Dimensions: height of bronze 15 1/2  inches and height of marble base 3 inches
Jaroslav Horejc (Czech, 1886-1983) "Amphitrite", signed ,with foundry seal, bronze,possibly cast in the 1960's
Dimensions: 45 inches high
After Giambologna (Italian 1529 -1608) "Fortuna", 19th century bronze (possibly Italian cast), unsigned, holding a cornucopia full of coins
Dimensions: Total height 35&1/2 inches

Julius Frick,(German 1884-1964) "Adam" bronze signed with foundry inscription for Pirner und Franz Dresden
Dimensions: height 12 inches
19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Night and Day Bronze sculptures, dark green patina, on wood bases. Both inscribed: F. Barbedienne Fondeur and with the foundry  reduction seals for Achille Collas. The life-size marbles are at the Tomb of Giuliano de Medici in the Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.
Dimensions: 20 &1/2 inches in length and 14 inches in height
19th Century After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564) Night and Day Bronze sculptures, dark green patina, on wood bases. Both inscribed: F. Barbedienne Fondeur and with the foundry  reduction seals for Achille Collas. The life-size marbles are at the Tomb of Giuliano de Medici in the Church of San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy.
Dimensions: 20 &1/2 inches in length and 14 inches in height
Josef Lorenzl (Austrian, 1892-1950), An Art Deco bronze nude of a dancer , signed with mid brown patinated bronze on a white onyx base .
A similar example was sold a Sothebys in London November 16 th 2006 Lot 470 GBP 3,000 ($4,845)
Dimensions:Total height 13&1/4 inches.
Georges Gori ( French early 20th century) " Femme assise et chevreaux" Bronze signed sculpture of a nymph with two kids. Foundry inscription for Lapointe cire perdue, circa 1929.
Georges Gori was a pupil of Injalbert and exhibited in the late 1920's to 1939 at the Salon des Artistes Francais winning numerous honorable mentions including a a gold medal for the Exposition Universelle of 1937

Dimensions: Total length 30.5 inches by 10 &1/2 inches in height by 5 &3/4 inches in width

Gustave Van Den Meersche (Belgian 1891-1970) "Stone cutters".Bronze
signed, monogramed  and dated 1920
Dimensions: Height 11 inches by 13 inches in width

Carl Flink (German 1899-1936)."Fountain of the Satyr" A Bronze life size bust originally for use as a fountain, now mounted on a marble base, signed and with foundry mark from Mannheim.
Dimensions: Height of bronze 15& 1/2 inches by 12 & 1/2 inches in width by 6 & 1/2 inches in depth. Marble 15x8x1 inches
Marcel Bouraine (French 1886-1948),"Forest Nymph" Large and rare bronze sculpture with green patination, the robe silver leafed and brown enameled, Signed.
Dimensions: Total height 21&1/2 inches by 24 inches in length
Josef Josephu (Austrian /American 1889-1970) "The Satyres
Chair", bronze, signed and dated 1919 - 1922 ,Foundry marks for Argentor Wein.
A similar sculpture is illustrated page 81 of the Argentor foundry catalog of 1928
Dimensions: Length 8&1/2 inches by 9&1/2 inches in height

Ruffino Ruff Besserdich (Austrian,1900's) "Worshiping the Sphinx", signed, bronze
Dimensions:11in high
Jules Levasseur (French 1831-1888) A signed and gilded bronze of a woman posing as a model on draped base.
Dimensions: Total Height 8 &3/4 inches.
Julius Gyula Maugsh (Hungarian 1882 -1946)"Awakening", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 15 inches high
Austrian ? circa 1910 bronze,  expressive muscular male figure, possibly a paper weight .(marble base cracked and restored- hardly visible)
Dimensions: Length 9&1/2 inches.
Ferdinand Liebermann (1883-1941) German circa 1919 bronze sculpture of a nude Amazonian nude woman with her bulldog. The sculpture unsigned but is fitted to a purpose carved wood base by the artist that has initials FL. This is possibly a sketch for a larger bronze
Dimensions: Height 13 &1/2 inches
A.Lowenthal (Austrian, early 20th century) "Nude Gladiator", gilt bronze male nude, signed and dated 1909, on a Verde Antico marble base
Dimensions: total height 19 inches, height of figure alone 13&1/4 inches
Peter Stammen (German 1886-) German Secessionist bronze nude throwing garlands, signed and  inscribed P. Stammen Dorf.
Dimensions: Height 25 inches by width 12 inches.
German Circa 1900 Grand Tour bronze of Pan:Unsigned but with  Bellair Foundry Seal (Berlin).
Dimensions: Height 20 &1/2 inches by 7 &1/2 inches in width, by 5 inches in depth
Georg Grasegger (German 1873-1927) "Die.Arbeit" Bronze Signed sculpture circa 1920 with foundry marks for Brandstetter München. Graseger also designed metalwork for W.M.F and Orivit as well as many major public works including St Michael in the Cathedral of Cologne in 1920.
Dimensions: Total height 15&1/4 inches

Czech 1930's Art Deco bronze table lamp of a female nude riding a dolphin
on a two sectional marble base with contemporary hand made mica shade.
Dimensions Total height 31 inches .Height of bronze figure and marble
base alone 17&1/4 inches
Aladar (Grosz) Gardos (Hungarian 1878-1944)  Austro-Hungarian bronze strongman signed and dated 1914
Dimensions: Height 24 &1/2 inches.
Ferdinand Lugerth (German, 1885 -1915) "Rock Mover" signed with Arthur Rubenstein Foundry mark , bronze
Dimensions: Total height 8 inches

Clement Leopold Steiner (Austrian 1853-1899) " Cat Toy", signed bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 18 & 1/2 inches high
Czech "Athlete", circa 1900, dedicated, bronze,Bendelmayer Foundry
Dimensions: 37in high
Unsigned (German/Austrian Circa 1910 )"Bather", bronze
Dimensions: 23 inches high by 11 inches wide
Jean Jacques Pradier(French 1792-1852)"Pandora" 19th century finely cast unsigned bronze
Dimensions Height 16&1/4 inches
Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl (Hungarian 1884-1975)"The Bather" bronze signed and dated 1911 with foundry seal, on marble base
Dimensions: Total height 17&1/2 inches
Leonard Craske (American 1882 -1950) "The Joy of Life " Marble signed and dated 1929 ( Exhibited at the California Legion of Honor Lincoln Park San Francisco April 27th, 1929, exhibition # 1325)
Dimensions: height 26 inches by 18 inches wide by 15 inches deep