VILIM AMORT (CZECH 1864-1913)  

Vilim (William)Amort was born in 1864 in Modřany (a suburb of Prague) and died on September 5th, 1913 in Smíchov, Prague. Amort was considered a Czech/Austrian sculptor who never received the full aclaim he deserved. He worked with his uncle and cousins Vaclav Amort and Vlastimil Amort in the city of Olmütz and also many locations in Prague such as in the Garden Květnice. Vilim Amort also taught sculpture at an art school in the city, run by the painter Rabenal. He created a number of decorative elements and busts of famous people for public monuments located both in Olmütz and in Prague (such as the Municipal Savings Bank of Prague). Vilim Amort also created decorations for the Schierův house on the corner of Old Town Square, Prague. The interior decoration of a sculpture with Christ Crucified of the Czechoslavakian Church of the Hussite was created by Vilim Amort. In addition, a street was named after Vilim Amort in Modřany. Various surviving diaries of Amort reflect his mental states concerning his work disputes such those for his design submitted in the first competition for the Hus monument in Prague in 1893. Amort's winning design was sharply criticised and in the end the monument to Jan Hus in the Old Town Square was created by Ladislav Šaloun (work was begun in 1903 and finally unofficially revealed on the 6th of July 1915( the 500th anniversary of Jan Hus's death.)

Ref: E. Benezit Dictionnaire des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs et Graveurs 1999 edition

Vilim Amort (Czech 1864 -1913) An amusing bronze of a naked girl holding a hoop, at her feet a grotesque half man, half scorpion clings to a rock in a tortured pose. Signed and with the K.Bartak foundry inscription. Circa 1910
Dimensions: Total height 20&1/2 inches.