JOSEF ANTEK (CZECH 1911-1991)  

Josef Antek was born November 30, 1911 in Rajnochovice and died on October 12th , 1991 in Prague. After graduating from Vocational School for Carpentry in Meziříčí, under M. Bublík, he studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague under prof. Zálešáka and attended many exhibitions at home and abroad. Antek also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under prof. Kafka. After graduating he lived and worked in Prague creating sculptures and painting landscapes. He created portraits of l B.Smetana, J.Manes , H.Schwaigra,L. Janáček, B. Nemcova, E. Destinová Táborského and B. F. Kafka. Josef Antek was considered an outstanding conservateur. He worked on the restoration of the St George area in Prague, at Tišnovská Porta Coeli, Queen Anne's Summer Palace, on theCharles Bridge Tower and participated in the rennovation of Tyn Church in Prague and the church in Překláštěří Tišnova.


Josef Antek (Czech 1911-1991) Circa 1930 bronze signed sculpture of a stretching nude on marble base.
Dimensions: Total height 9 inches. Height of marble base alone 2 inches.