A rare and monumental American Circa 1900 Renaissance Revival fully working illuminated copper 3 tiered indoor fountain probably by JW Fiske, of New York . The top copper bowl has 34 bronze water  jets that rise above the fountain to a height of 6 inches and in the center of the top tier there is a light that shines through the central arc of the 34 jets.
The water then descends through 40 bronze pipes that are fitted around the underside of the top tier bowl .On the central fluted column below the bowl are also 3 short bronze pipes covered in leaves that also carry water, placed between the pipes are other bronze floral devices.
The water drops 17 inches to the second tier where  another 6 lights shine through the 40 descending jets of water. On the column between the first and second tiers there are also 3  metal cherubs holding lilies and cat tails. Perched on the second tier there are 6 metal swans and around the edge, there is a frieze of applied winged  armorial devices  and lozenges. Under the second tier are 46 bronze  streams of water that pour another 17 inches into the final 3 rd tier and again 6 larger lights shine upward through the water of that tier. The base is comprised of 2 copper hemispheres. The upper hemisphere has a frieze of larger lozenges and even larger bronze winged devices on the edge, while 6 applied bronze strap work belts containing similar winged devises circumvent the hemispheres.This form is exactly repeated on the lower hemisphere Six claw feet hold the fountain at the base, their design matching the winged devices but in a claw form. The fountain has been fully restored with long lasting energy efficient light diodes (13 bright lights in all).   The color of the water streams can be changed to amber, blue amd red by placing period stained glass discs over the lights. The fountain has been completely replumbed
Dimensions: Total height of Fountain 60 inches. Total width 27 inches