German, 1871 -1940
Hugo Lederer, was a Moravian born German sculptor. He studied in Dresden under sculptor John Schilling from 1890, then studied briefly under Christian Behrens. His greatest public success came in 1902 with the commission for the Bismark Tower. Stylistically this work is more in keeping with an early WPA style of muscular distortion.  In a brief study of his work  it is obvious that this Jewish sculptor had more than one style and the present bronze in our inventory has a lyrical quality similar to his personal works rather than his Nationalist ones that he possibly accomplished under sufferance. Even the Nationalist sculptures by Lederer are far more expressionist.than those of his greatest student (Josef Thorak 1889- 1952) --who became famous for sculptures in the Nationalist theme in Germany of the 1930's. Hugo Lederer's bronze sculpture of Christian Johann Heinrich Heine the German poet was removed in 1933 and destroyed by the Nazi's as was his sculpture of Friedrich Karl von Savigny. He never returned to his home after the war and his works were scattered and are difficult to find in general. Lederer's studio was ransacked by the Czech's in 1945 and burnt to the ground five years after his death.
Hugo Lederer ( German, 1871-1940) "Der Fechterbrunnen". The Swordsman by Hugo Lederer is the iconic male sculpture that exists at the Breslau University cast in 1901.  It is said the sculpture was a warning to the students not to gamble as one could be left naked with only one's sword.  The bronze was originally cast in two sizes by The Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin in 1901.  The present model being the smaller of the two Piltzing casts and the larger being used as fountain model in Breslau while the present as a garden sculpture is numbered 5,  with a warm dark green and brown patina. Two later castings were under taken by Gladenbeck foundry in the 1930's but these sizes measured only 15 and 22 inches high and are table top models that have non of the subtlety and softness of the Piltzing originals. The present sculpture is signed HUGO LEDERER and numbered 5 with the inscription symbol for Martin & Piltzing Foundry of Berlin.
Dimensions:Total height 39 inches. Height of bronze alone 36 inches by 12&1/2 inches in depth by 13 inches in width.
Belgian marble base height 3 inches by 10 inches in depth by 8 inches in width
Hugo Lederer ( German, 1871-1940) " Geigenspieler " . A unique hand carved violin player, signed by the artist in fruit wood circa 1910
Dimensions: Height 25 & 3/4 inches