Frederic Etienne Le Roux (French 1836 -1906) "Chef de cuisine" with his two kitchen assistants. An exceptionally rare  silvered bronze sculpture circa 1865.The scene: The Chef de Cuisine has grabbed one of the kitchen assistants by the ear after he was caught trying to abscond with a large trifle. The other kitchen assistant appears to find this extremely amusing, as he is about to put an end to a large goose with a knife that is biting the Chef de Cuisine's leg. Unbeknown to this amused youth he is about to cuffed on the back of the head by the open palm of the Chefs hand.
The bronze cast and finishing quality of this complex sculpture is second to none.  All animals; goose, chicken and rabbit are finely detailed and realistic. A sculptural main course on its own is placed on the small table behind the Chef with two large salmon and a melange of fresh produce and herbs. The truly superbly realistic modeling and facial expressions are a delight, while the clothing textures right down to the stitchings are a tour de force. Finally even the plate that holds the trifle has an intricate design traced upon it's edges.
Frederic Etienne Le Roux was a pupil of Jouffroy, and regular exhibitor at the Salons from 1863. His other works include Demosthenes on the Shore, Joan of Arc, Marchand de Violettes and Bouquetiere. Le Roux was the sculptor for the monumental bronze group above the grave of Crespin du Gast at the Cimetière du Pèr e-Lachaise, Paris.

Dimensions:  Total height 8&3/4 inches by 10&3/4 inches in width by 10&1/2 inches in depth with 1 inch thick Belgian marble base