BRUNO ZACH (AUSTRIAN 1891-1945)  
Zach ( sometimes spelled Zack) was born in the town of Schitomir,Ukraine on the May 6, 1891 and died on February 20 1945 in Vienna. He studied at the Vienna Academy under Hans Bitterlich and Josef Mullner ( Please note also the monumental Mullner in our inventory.) Bruno Zach worked for various foundries in Vienna - and also worked under the name of "Tuch".  The subjects of Zach's bronze works include western, orientalist, sporting,. animalier, art deco and erotic subjects. Sculptures in bronze and ivory were also cast and carved by him in Vienna.

K.Salat. (Austrian pseudonym for Bruno Zach 1891-1945) "Exotic Dancer". High quality Vienna bronze cast circa 1925 of a scantily dressed lady in stockings, high heeled shoes, bloomers and a pom - pom decorated chemise night dress -- dancing in reckless abandon. Her hair is decrated with an over-sized bow and pom-poms. This sculpture has a 2 color acid patina and gold painted highlights. (Several signed bronze Bruno Zach sculptures can alternatively be found in the same model with versions signed K.Salat -- especially orientalist inspired erotica.)
Signed SALAT in the bronze, stamped Austria and set on dark variegated green/black marble columnar base.
Dimensions: Total height 17 &1/4 inches

Professor J Tuch (German ?  -1945)  "Gladiator"  A circa 1915 bronze sculpture with green and gilt cold painted patination with the foundry stamp for Argentor Wein.and signed Prf. Tuch (also known as Bruno Zach). Signed on the bronze base, set on black marble with white and gold striations.
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches.

Bruno Zach/Franz Mazura (Vienna bronze sculptor circa 1920).  A cold painted bronze semi- nude art deco hoop dancer with her cap and skirt heightened with light blue,silver,olive green  polychromy, signed and very likely a cast from Argentor Wein foundry circa 1920 on an onyx platform base. The same sculpture exists signed by Bruno Zach. It is a possibility that both artists are one and the same.
Dimensions: Total height 10&3/4 inches.
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) "Miner" Circa 1920 bronze sculpture with foundry marks for Argentor Wein and with a plaque, again marked with Argentor foundry and THUSS sculp (A similar sculpture is illustrated on page 62 of the Argentor foundry catalog of 1928 signed Bruno Zach
Dimensions: Total height 15 inches. Height of onyx base 2 inches.
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) "Sleigh Logger" Unsigned bronze on marble base circa 1920
Dimensions:Total length 13 inches by 7&3/4 inches in height
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) Unsigned Circa 1915 "Rock Movers", bronze on granite base
Dimensions: Total height 10 &1/4 inches by 14 inches in width. Height of granite base alone 3 inches

Austrian, circa 1920 ,"Throwing Balls",one signed Zach, one signed Kauba, bronze
Dimensions: 5&1/4in high
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) Bronze sculpture of a young girl in a bathing suit testing the water with her right foot, while a naughty ram is urging her on .Signed Zach
Dimensions: Height 9&1/2 inches by 7 inches in width
Bruno Zach (Austrian, 1891-1945) circa 1920,(unsigned)""Streetlamp" bronze with signed Sabino glass shade
Dimensions: 27 inches high