Eugene Aizelin was born in Paris in July, 1821. He studied in Paris at the École Des Beaux-Arts under Claude Ramey and Augustin Dumont. Aizelin's first exhibition at the Salon de Paris in 1852 was "Sapho". Among his principal works are "Nissya Bathing" , for which he earned a third place medal at the Salon de Paris of 1859. For the same subject in marble he won a second place medal in 1861. Psyché, a sculpture created in 1863 is now in the Museum of Quimper."The Child and the Hourglass" was created in 1864 . "The Supplicante"created in 1865, is now at theMuseum of Montpellier, "Orpheus Descending to Hell", created n 1870, is now in the Museum of Reims, "A Widow", was created in 1872 ."The Romance" (now at the Cour de Louvre ), "Ophelia" and The Release of the Church" were created in 1875, Vanquished Amazon" , Pandora, and "The Pastoral Scene" were all created in 1876, "Mignon"was created in 1883, and "Marguerite" in 1884. Agar and Ishmael, created in 1886, are now at the Mseum of Luxembourg, "Saint Gregory", and "Saint Cyril" are now at L'Église de la Sainte-Trinité in Paris. "Sainte Genevieve and a Bishop" are now at L'église Saint-Roch in Parris."An Archer, "Auguste Bailly" and 'Madame De Sévigné" are at L'Hôtel de Ville. Eugene Aizelin also obtained a second place medal at the Salon in 1878 and a first place medal in 1889. He also became an officer in the French Legion of Honor. Additionally a collection of his works was donated to the Musée Départemental de l’Oise, Beauvais, in 1975.

Ref: E. Benezit Dictionnaire des Peintres Sculpteurs Dessinateurs et Graveurs 1999 edition

Eugène Antoine Aizelin ( French 1821-1902)"L'Enfance De Tacite", Monumental Bronze sculpture Inscribed F.BARBEDIENNE FONDEUR. The bronze is illustrated on page 43 of the 1886 Barbedienne catalogue and was sold at their Gallery, 30,Boulevard Poissonniere,
Paris. Barbedienne edited the sculpture in 5 sizes, this being the
largest and the rarest ,with an original price in 1886 of 2000FF. Provenance - from the collection of Frank "Lucky" Navin (1871-1935) . Owner of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team for 32 years
Dimensions: Height 41 inches by 27 inches in width by 14 inches in depth