Giovan Battista Amendola was a considered a child prodigy. He became a student of Tommaso Solari and Tito Angelini in Naples at a very young age. He then studied in both Rome and Paris, and finally in 1879 he moved to  England where he lived in London till 1884. He exhibited regularly in Naples and at the Royal Academy from 1879 to 1886 with great success. In 1884 the celebrated painter Alma-Tadema exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery a fine portrait depicting Amendola working on a silver statuette of Mrs Alma-Tadema.  In addition, his relationship with Frederick Leighton elevated Amendola to great importance in artistic circles of London society and the two artists collaborated on many artistic projects. Amendola died at the young age of 39 after he returned to Italy.  The three sculptures from our inventory are superb examples of his work. Maitre Musique is unquestionably the finest cast of this model when one compares the present cast to other versions that occasionally appear in auction.  Pensiero Dominante is a very rare model in bronze. (There exists a terracotta model from 1884 of this work at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna di Roma.)  Finally the Bust of Frederic Lord Leighton , Amendola's mentor and close friend is quite possibly a unique cast.  The maquette of this bronze is photographed in Amendola's London studio on page 43 of the artists first and only monograph "Giovan Battista Amendola Scultore" by Claudia Palazzola Olivares 1997.


Giovan Battista Amendola ( Italian 1848-1887) "Maitre Musique". Possibly the last sculpture by this Italian master who died at the age of 39. A superlative bronze cast 1887 .
Dimensions: Total height 21&3/4 inches

Giovanni Battista Amendola, (Italian 1848-1887) “Pensiero Dominante“ Circa 1884, bronze signed and with illegible foundry marks.
Dimensions: Height 16 inches by 11&1/2 inches in length by 9 &1/2 inches in width